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Securely access global content for free

TouchVPN offers free virtual private network access so you can enjoy your favorite online content. This private network protects all your smart devices and computers. You can browse the web knowing that your internet protocol is secure and protected from hackers.

What does it do?

A virtual private network ensures your safety when browsing the internet by acting as a buffer between your computer and the Internet. This network client encrypts your browsing data by creating a secure channel between the server and your computer. All network traffic is private when accessing the net. 

A few essential details when selecting your anti-censoring client are bandwidth, available servers, and which countries these servers are in.

TouchVPN servers are in over 90 countries, with more than 5,900 servers. These networks are dedicated to your browsing appetite. You can now access content without geographic-restrictions.

Other network clients.

OpenVPN and ProtonVPN offer free packages but have limitations, like controlled access points and servers. Betternet has an affordable subscription service per month. While Shadowsocks gives an entirely different approach that is free and an open-source with frequent updates. These services make your data look blank like it’s HTTPS traffic, which helps you to access geo-restricted content and APKs.

TouchVPN is a cross-platform service. However, their plans are overpriced when compared to other providers. Ads populate, making your experience not so wonderful.

Our take

TouchVPN offers you everything you need to become familiar with using a private network.

Should you download it?

No, we don't recommend downloading this application. Before you consider browsing privately, you should look for a paid subscription service. It is because paid services offer increased security, and don’t log any of your browsing or your internet protocol. TouchVPN, unfortunately, does log specific details, but they assure users that there is no reason for concern. 


  • One-click activation for ease of use
  • Free service
  • Simple interface


  • Event logging has been witnessed
  • PPTP protocol is outdated and vulnerable
  • No kill switch
  • Proxy crashes intermittently

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TouchVPNfor Windows

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