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Hide My Ass (HMA) is a VPN software that hides your IP address and allows you to browse, stream and bank online. It offers a high level of security for your peace of mind.

Keep it under wraps

This software is perfect for people who don’t want their IP address to be public. It offers complete privacy when you use the internet.

Let HMA do all the work, so you can browse to your heart’s content. Their dashboard is equipped with a speed calculator, to check how far away you are from one of the countries that HMA operates in. To get started, you simply need to add in your account information, the location you want to connect to and the encryption type.

Change your IP address every 30 seconds, or even longer intervals if you choose. This means your IP address won’t be traced back to you because it’s constantly changing.

A feature that comes with the paid version is an anonymous emailing service. Send emails without your messages being intercepted or read by third parties.

Create links using the referrer tool that won’t be traced back to you. If the link is put through a reverse search engine, the result will come up with the HMA website, leaving you completely anonymous.

HMA offers an unprecedented VPN service that extends to streaming videos online. Watch content from popular services such as Netflix that aren’t available in your country, by connecting to one of HMA’s worldwide destinations.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on Linux, Windows and macOS on desktop, and iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry on tablets and phones.

Is there a better alternative?

HMA is currently the only software offering this service. They have a range of features and a strong VPN service that is unreplicated. If you want a free service however, try Tor Browser, which is a browser extension.

Our take

HMA is unique in its many services and it’s an impressive software. It offers privacy, security, high speed connections and anonymous email services as well.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download HMA if you worry about your privacy when browsing. Enjoy movies and streaming from other countries and feel at ease, knowing your IP address is private.

HMA VPNfor Windows


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