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Complete anonymity while surfing the internet

HMA Pro VPN is one of the leading VPN services in the world. It supports anonymous surfing and lets you visit websites blocked in your country or region. Additionally, the tool doesn’t track your IP address or physical location, so your browsing history and data are secure. 

Compared to Betternet VPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and other similar services, HMA Pro VPN offers a range of demos and tutorials to get you started. This means you can start using the program without any hassle.

Comes with multiple servers to offer fast speed and various features

HMA Pro VPN delivers a comprehensive network of over 1,000 servers in about 190 countries. The popular VPN service has always received praise for a user-friendly interface and fast connection speed. Unlike other similar apps, HMA comes with multiple streaming-optimized servers in the United States and United Kingdom, as well as Germany.

In addition to this, you get access to P2P-optimized servers, which offer excellent speed for torrent downloads. These are located in multiple countries, such as the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Overall, the app is a great choice for anonymous browsing.

How’s the interface?

For a lot of people, VPN downloads can be tricky and confusing. Most service providers have a steep learning curve and require you to have some technical skills or knowledge. In other words, it can be difficult to build a stable connection with good internet speed. On the other hand, HMA Pro VPN comes with a clean, simple, and intuitive interface.

To use the app on your Windows PC, you need to create a new account. You just simply download the installation file, use the authentication code, and you’ll be able to access the VPN service. The application is available in a range of languages.

Once you log in to the program, you get the option to connect to a server instantly, change your location, adjust settings, etc. It’s important to note that the platform has a one-click ‘kill’ switch, which offers extra security for anonymous surfing.

What about safety and privacy?

HMA Pro VPN for Windows runs smoothly on different versions of the operating system. The program features a comprehensive privacy policy, which explains everything about logged data, DNS queries, IP address tracking, etc. 

Also, the VPN service doesn’t log your IP address, which makes it impossible for authorities and organizations to track your actual location. The company logs some sessions and records corresponding timestamps.

However, since the VPN service provider doesn’t log the complete IP address, your physical location can’t be tracked. The company doesn’t even track your browsing history, data, or account usage. Most importantly, everything logged on to the servers gets deleted post 30 days.

Is HMA Pro VPN a good choice?

After downloading HMA VPN for anonymous browsing, you’ll be able to choose from several servers across the globe. The most popular ones are located in Hong Kong, Australia,  the United Kingdom, South Korea, and the United States. 

According to most users, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to establish a secure and stable connection. With some servers, the speed can reach up to 66 Mbps, which is quite good for streaming movies, listening to music, and surfing heavy websites.

In recent times, some people have been concerned about the app’s data policies. However, the good speed, ability to unblock numerous websites, and stable connections keep encouraging people to come back to this VPN download.

Our take

HMA Pro VPN for Windows offers multiple private, secure, and anonymous surfing features. Over the last couple of years, the program has been hugely popular among users in different parts of the world. While VPN services aren’t meant for downloading copyright material or other malicious activities, you can still use them to watch movies, unblock streaming websites, and access other multimedia content. Considering the multiple remote servers, fast speed, and reliable internet connection, HMA Pro VPN proves to be a good choice.

Should you download it?

HMA Pro VPN comes with a range of features, including a ‘kill’ switch to keep your browsing history secure. This comes in handy while accessing websites on a public Wi-Fi, in a company, or on a secure network. The program gives you access to blocked websites and lets you browse the web without worrying about being tracked. You just download the software, create an account, and start surfing the internet anonymously.


  • Comes with a clean interface
  • Offers complete privacy
  • Works with multiple operating systems
  • Features numerous remote servers


  • Doesn’t work with some websites

Program available in other languages

HMA VPNfor Windows

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