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User Privacy and Online Security

If you have not heard of Firefox Private Network, this may be because it is very new. The program is a highly protective extension to the Firefox browser and was just released by Mozilla Firefox in September 2019 and is still in Beta mode. This ultra-secure browser was developed to protect user privacy and online security. The Firefox Private Network masks your IP address to secure you against cyber surveillance and data collection. They are also releasing their own VPN service.

The program is available as a free browser extension to existing Firefox users. Currently the beta version is in the United States only but soon to be launched worldwide.

Protect the traffic going through your browser with the Firefox Private Network

blockquote>Step up the privacy with the new in-built browser protection

The Firefox Private Network has been developed in standing with the developer’s philosophy. Firefox has long had a reputation for privacy and their latest project the Firefox Private Network is testament to this. The latest offering by Mozilla promises to shroud their internet browsers in utter privacy, thus ensuring ease-of-mind safe surfing. This new update is two-part, comprising of a free browser extension and a full-blown VPN.

Similar to a VPN (virtual private network) the extension secures your browsing by hiding your IP address and remitting your internet traffic through secure servers.

This will get you 12 hours of protection through “passes” each month. You can also pay to have the comprehensive VPN service offered by the Firefox Private Network.

This will not only protect your desktop browsing from Firefox but your entire computer. Paying for the VPN gives you total peace of mind as it safeguards all apps and browsers from which you access the internet. Developers have launched the beta version in the United States and for Windows only. The Firefox Private Network will be released for more platforms and areas.

How does the Firefox Private Network work?

Like a VPN, the Firefox Private Network was built for internet security and private browsing. It uses a proxy similar to the free VPN offered by the Opera browser. Unlike a true VPN however (which will protect you across multiple devices and let you choose your geolocation) this free browser extension provides an encrypted route for Firefox internet traffic using the proxy of their partner service Cloudfare.

Download the Firefox Private Network to:

  • mask your location against cyber-attacks
  • protect yourself when using insecure public WIFI
  • hide your browsing history from data collectors
  • Is there a better alternative?

    The short answer is, yes. If it is a VPN – pure and simple – that you are after, then this operates more like a proxy. This program will divert traffic through the Cloudfare proxy to anonymize your online footprint and mask your internet identity (also, any data collected by Cloudfare will be deleted within 24 hours). Nonetheless, this will only protect the traffic through your desktop Firefox internet browsing. Also, the data privacy will be subject to US legislation.

    Opera has a similar proxy type VPN built into its browser. The new Firefox VPN is currently by invite only, so if you need to get protected now, then you should check out popular VPN services like ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, and Hotspot Shield.

    Where can you run this program

    In order to try the new extension you will first need to download the Firefox Browser. This will run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Currently, the beta version of the Firefox Private Network is available in the United States only. The Firefox Private Network or “FPN” is already up as a free browser extension to existing Firefox users. The beta version of the comprehensive VPN can be trialed on Windows 10 but you will need to be invited. Mac, Linux and both Android and iOS are in the pipeline.

    Our take

    What the Firefox Private Network free extension does not protect, is any traffic and data outside of the Firefox browser. Therefore, the information you sent and receive through other apps is not protected. Paying for the VPN extension too does provide the lock-and-barrel device security.

    You can join the waitlist for the Firefox Private Network built-in VPN.

    If you already use Firefox as your default internet browser, you may be no stranger to their privacy extensions and add-ons. You can already choose your level of tracking protection to block any trackers and malicious scripts and look out for data breaches. The Firefox Private Network goes that step further and offers you a security blanket without tweaking your settings and permissions.

    While it is impossible to wholeheartedly recommend a service that is still in beta stage, nonetheless the Mozilla team have always delivered stellar products. The Firefox Private Network will ensure basic encryption of your browsing and the paid VPN add-on will anonymize you across devices. It is certainly worth watching this space.


    • Protects your internet browsing
    • free to Firefox users
    • Data security
    • Reduces targeted ads.


    • United States only
    • VPN add-on not available yet
    • Data only retained for 24 hours.

    Firefox Private Networkfor Windows


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