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Music and videos for all

An app all about creativity and music. Witness how others have reimagined your favorite tune, and show the world how creative you can be.

Home-made entertainment

Turn your dreams of being a pop-star into reality with TikTok, a social media app that transforms your short videos into mini masterpieces.

TikTok has achieved what every social media strives to do: gather a large community and spark discussions and content creation. Before adopting the current name, this app was called The new name might be inspired by the duration of its videos - only 15 seconds. While this may seem like a small number, the most creative people welcome this short time-frame as a challenge

TikTok aids the creative mind with its many filters and other effects. This software seeks to inspire you, as well. You can browse content created by millions of active users. This application learns from your search history and displays the content that fits you best. This algorithm helps you to discover content you might miss. TikTok is primarily a music-oriented app, but doesn’t obligate you to use any in your videos. Start browsing now and find you’ll find content involving comedy, gaming, DIY and many others.

TikTok shares the same issue with many other multimedia applications. The constant updates can place a burden on your phone after a while. This software is best suited on high-end devices. Older phones may experience issues with responsivity when creating video and tend to struggle with lag. You can’t adjust the privacy settings on your profile. This is the software’s most significant flaw in design. You don’t have complete control over your presence on this platform

Where can you run this program?

TikTok can run on iOS 9.3 and later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is available for Android, Windows, and macOS as well

Is there a better alternative?

No. Although there are other platforms with similar premises, like Dubsmash, TikTok hosts the largest community. If you want to reach more people with your videos, it should be your platform of choice.

Our take

TikTok’s unique 15-second format inspired a great number of funny and creative videos. The algorithm picks out the best videos for your taste amongst the vast content of the internet.

Should you download it?

Yes. It brings out the most creative from people all around the world. If you’re looking to connect with other creators and watchers with similar tastes, this is the app for you.


  • Simple interface
  • Huge following
  • A lot of content


  • Issues with lag
  • No privacy settings
  • Sometimes unresponsive

Tik Tokfor iOS


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