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Enhance Your Photography with xZoom - Camera Booster

xZoom is a very useful camera tool even with its free features. This app enhances your iPhone's camera, making it powerful enough to capture clear, detailed images even from far away. Perfect for snapping pictures at concerts or sports games, xZoom is designed to help you achieve the best digital zoom performance.

xZoom’s free features

The xZoom app offers a suite of impressive features even in its free version, making it a standout option for amateur photographers and casual users alike. Here are the key features you can enjoy without spending a penny:

  • Hybrid Zoom: Combines your iPhone's existing digital zoom with additional software enhancements to provide a clearer, more detailed zoom at high magnifications.
  • Camera Presets: Access to various shooting modes including Photo, 4K, FullHD, and HD settings.
  • Video Frame Rate Management: Customize how smooth your video looks by adjusting the frame rate.
  • Comprehensive Format Support: Whether you're shooting in JPEG, HEIC, TIFF, Raw, or ProRAW, xZoom supports them all. Plus, it includes compatibility with the Dolby Vision format.
  • Instant Video Stabilization: Activate stabilization to ensure your videos are smooth and free of unwanted shakes.

What do you get if you subscribe to the pro version?

If you're really into photography or making videos, the Pro version of xZoom unlocks even more capabilities of your iPhone's cameras. Here's what upgrading to Pro offers:

  • Exclusive Camera Access: Get the most out of your Telephoto camera for top-quality zoom in photos and videos.
  • Advanced Manual Controls:
    • F - Manual Focus: Adjust the focus yourself for sharp images or to create a blurred background effect.
    • S - Shutter Speed: Control how quickly the camera snaps a picture to catch fast action or add blur for effect.
    • ISO: Adjust this setting to make sure your photos have the right amount of light.
    • AWB - White Balance: Tweak the colors in your photo to look just right, matching the lighting where you are.

These pro features give you complete control over your photography, allowing you to take professional-level photos with your smartphone.

Subscription options and trial period

xZoom offers several subscription plans to fit your needs, including monthly, annual, and even a lifetime option for those who are in it for the long haul. There's also a free 7-day trial that lets you try out all the pro features before you decide to subscribe. Just remember, if you don’t cancel, your subscription will automatically start after the trial. You can manage this in your iPhone settings under Subscription Management.


  • Especially great for sky photography
  • Free features are very useful
  • Instant video stabilization
  • Hybrid zoom
  • Free 7-day trial


  • Doesn’t support older iPhone models
  • Camera shutter is too noisy
  • Digital zoom affects the 4K quality

Program available in other languages

xZoom - Camera Boosterfor iOS


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