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The social app of creative ideas

Pinterest lets you search through topics, opinions, and photos others have shared. You can follow your favorites and repin pictures you like. You can even create and categorize your boards for others to view. Ready to get those creative juices flowing?

Boards of inspiration

Here is a social app that lets you discover and share new ideas for all sorts of projects. 

Pinterest offers thousands of images related to whatever topic of interest you're curious about. By entering keywords, other people's photos and ideas pop up on the screen, inspiring you to try your hand at carrying out the concept. This social media platform makes browsing fun. From school projects to party decorating, you'll unlock a whole new world of creativity.

People can design boards and pin photos that relate to each board for others to see. You can even customize different categories to make it easier for others to find what they are looking for. By following specific boards and people, you are notified when new images and posts are created.

This digital platform encourages members to share ideas related to everything from kids' lunches to painting techniques and home designs to wedding dresses;  the series of topics is endless.

This program does have a couple of drawbacks, though. On the mobile version, people are unable to save directly to their phone. You can pin things to a board, but that feature doesn't give you anything to reference if you are working offline. Another issue with Pinterest is that the further down you scroll on the search results page, the more likely you are to see repeats. Occasionally, the app will crash, which never makes for a pleasant experience.

Where can you run this program?

This is installable on Apple devices with iOS 12.1.2 or a newer operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Pinterest is, by far, one of the most used social media content sharing sites. Other applications like Instagram boast similar features, but people tend to share more personal images on that social media platform.

Our take

Pinterest is an upbeat, colorful site that allows people to share various projects or pin ideas to different boards. It is fun and light-hearted, and worth giving it a try. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you are someone who enjoys handcrafts or need some everyday inspiration, this app is great source of imagination.


  • Open links in-app
  • Pin photos on boards
  • Follow favorites feature
  • Search a broad spectrum of topics
  • Easy interface to navigate


  • Site crashes
  • Can’t save photos to your camera roll
  • Lots of repetition

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Pinterestfor iOS


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