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Alight Motion is an editing application for Android that offers a few basic features and effects for free. There are tons of tools available with the paid version that makes it ideal for professionally editing videos. This variety makes it easy to take a film from your mobile device and upload it to YouTube after a quick run through Alight Motion.

System requirements

As the movie and animation editing tools offered here are powerful, you’ll need to reach the minimum system requirements. This limitation prevents the use of older phones or tablets with less than 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. Without this requirement, it’s likely the app will crash before it finishes applying the effects to your video.

Paid vs free

There are two different ways to use Alight Motion, paid premium, or the free basic version. The differences between these two options are vast and can make or break the film project you’re working on. It’s also essential to note that there’s always a watermark on any video made with the free version.

The paid service works like a subscription, where you’ll have to manually cancel the auto-renew unless you’re continually using the app. There are many features unlocked with premium that makes the application extremely useful. Additionally, purchasing a subscription removes the watermark for the duration of the upgrade. You can cancel any of the paid membership options within a few moments. However, this will restore the watermark and remove access to many of the better tools.

Tool selection

There are plenty of options to choose from when editing your video or animation, including gradient fill effects and the opportunity to focus on a single layer. You can also apply visual effects and color correction to videos taken on your phone.

Our take

Overall, Alight Motion is a great editing tool if you’re purchasing a premium subscription. However, alternatives such as Kinemaster or Video Star are available if the basic version of Alight doesn’t provide enough tools. The app isn’t available for pc but can be downloaded on iOS for your iPhone.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you regularly edit videos for YouTube or social media on your phone or tablet, installing this application is a great way to streamline the process.


  • Tons of tool options
  • Easy-to-use


  • Very limited features on free version
  • Watermarked on free version
  • Subscription-based premium service

Program available in other languages

Alight Motionfor iOS


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