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Simplified group chats

With this smart application, you can create chats with multiple people at the same time. It’s a handy tool when you’re arranging a gathering or for when you want to share information with a team.

One app for all of your contacts

GroupMe is an easy way to send messages to various people from your phone. You can manage separate groups for work colleagues and friends alike, and keep on top of arrangements with the touch of a button.

With this app, you create chats and can stay up to date with the latest talk among friends or family members. 

GroupMe is a convenient platform where you can have multiple sets of contacts and participate in chats straight from your phone.

There are various background themes you can add for a creative touch. This can also help you to identify different tabs quickly.

You can add new members to the group with their mobile telephone number or their email address.

There’s a mute option if your phone creates a consistent distraction, and when you have more time, you can unmute the group again.

If someone starts to get on your nerves, you can block them completely. If you find some individual members are too offensive or should no longer form part of a group, you have the option to delete and block them from the chat.

One of the major issues with this application is how it uses your storage. When someone sends you a picture, it saves it in high definition. This takes up a ton of space and quickly turns into a heavy drag for your mobile device. The long wait to finalize registration is also quite frustrating. You might have to wait for over an hour before you can start using the app.

Where can you run this program?

GroupMe requires iOS 11.0 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Although GroupMe is a convenient tool to create group chats, Whatsapp is a more popular choice among both iPhone and Android users.

Our take

The convenience of talking to several people at the same time to share basic information is a great way to minimize the time spent on your phone. Applications where you can communicate with others and create large groups of users are essential to stay organized.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an app that functions like a messenger with chat lobbies, this is a good option.


  • Interactive group chats
  • Simple add function
  • Ability to mute chats


  • Takes up storage with pictures

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

GroupMefor iOS


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