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Connecting offline and online users

Skype for Business is a cost-effective collaboration tool for iOS devices, allowing users to connect with up to 250 people on conference calls. The app offers enterprise-grade security and works to provide voice and video calling capabilities to both small and large companies. The software is part of the Office 365 suite, can easily integrate with Outlook, and allows users to call landlines as well as mobile phones.

A group calling and messaging app

The business app is a reminder of Skype but with enterprise-ready features!

Formerly known as Lync, Skype for Business iOS app is an instant messaging and calling platform that allows employees to stay connected on the go. It boasts of an array of features, including offline calling, admin controls for meetings, call recording, as well as enterprise-grade security. Offered as an application under the Office 365 suite, the iOS app is an efficient tool to keep you in touch with your clients and team.

User-friendly and familiar interface

The iOS app draws inspiration from its predecessor Skype, which has over a million users worldwide. Owing to the latter’s immense popularity, most users are familiar with the interface of Skype for Business. It isn’t complicated or confusing, allowing all employees to adapt to the platform without training. They can schedule meetings, easily find recent conversations, and search people by name, email, or number.

Seamless calling experience

Skype for Business lets users call landline numbers, mobile phones, and international numbers directly from the dashboard. It offers offline calling functionality so that businesses can let people join Skype meetings even if they don’t have a working internet connection. Users with active internet can dial in for web-based video and audio conferencing.

Conduct meetings with dashboard controls

The iOS application allows users to schedule meetings and control them while they’re in progress. The dashboard gives the organizer multiple abilities, including the option to hide names, mute audio, or block videos of all or some attendees. It also allows users to join, leave, and rejoin meetings whenever required. Moreover, users can delegate call handling tasks to multiple assistants to screen inbound and place outbound calls.

Where can you run this program?

Anyone invited to a meeting on Skype for Business can use the application by signing in as a guest. However, to experience all the features of the tool, users will need a dedicated account.

Is there a better alternative?

Skype for Business has its fair share of competition. In case you also want to check out its alternatives, you may want to explore Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Workplace by Facebook. While Teams isn’t a straight replacement of Skype for Business, it is considered the next step for most users.

Our take

Skype for Business is an effective communication platform designed for large companies. It offers multiple functionalities, falls under Office 365 suite, and allows Outlook integration, thereby making it an ideal choice for most companies.

Should you download it?

Yes! If you’re looking for a web-conferencing and collaboration tool, you should give Skype for Business a try. It’s simple, familiar, and offers functionality to connect both online and offline users.


  • Comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Connects offline and online users
  • Offers a seamless calling experience


  • Unreliable notifications

Skype for Businessfor iOS


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