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A simple pleasure

Day One is the solution to remembering the best moments of life. This app is for journaling. With an elegant and smooth interface, you’ll be writing down the day’s events in no time.

Delightful journaling

Day One is your first step in starting a journal about everything you’ve experienced, from the life-changing to the incidental.

Journaling is a soulful process, offering you the chance at insight and recollection. Day One is the perfect app to start with. The only setback is that a handful of features are withheld from free users and require you to spend money in app.

Using Day One to journal can help you build stronger habits. You can take advantage of in-app tools like reminders, notifications, and the calendar option. With these, you’ll never forget a task that you need to complete. You’ll eventually form a habit that doesn’t require a reminder.

After a while, you’ll notice the beneficial tools it advertises. These include the in-app flashbacks and entries, memory enhancement section, and a way to print your journal entries into book format.

You can preserve moments with premium by making use of the unlimited journal entry and photo storage options. Day One also interfaces similarly to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. With this built-in feed, your memories are only a click away. Purchasing premium extends the app’s usability with a variety of functions.

Writing without distractions and having your personal entries kept private are two important factors that Day One fulfils. You can write on templates and between devices with cross-platform support for your computer, mobile, and watch. Passcode and Touch-ID locks keep your words safe.

Where can you run this program?

Day One is available for Mac OS X 10.13 and later. The mobile version works on iOS 11.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This software is only beaten by its mobile counterpart, the Day One Journal, which is much more convenient to use. Evernote is a useful alternative on Mac as well.

Our take

This app is awesome. It’s a handy way to collect your thoughts and build up habits that’ll last for life.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a journaling tool, then this program is a must-have, whether you use the free or premium mode.


  • Build strong habits
  • Preserve moments
  • Keep memories safe
  • Distraction-free writing


  • Has premium-only features

Day Onefor Mac


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