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Is your computer slowing you down? With the growing dependence on technology in our professional and personal lives, a fast computer is crucial. Those precious seconds lost waiting for a page to load, refreshing a website or rebooting your computer can feel like a lifetime – and they add up! One pretty simple way to add some acceleration to your device is by getting more RAM (Random Access Memory). The more software you use and programs you download onto your PC, the more finite memory you will be using up. In order for your computer to run smoothly and swiftly, the internal RAM will help your system support the installed software. Maintaining your RAM will ensure your computer functions smoothly and protect you from system crashes.

RAMExpert: is it that expert?

RAMExpert: real-time RAM information at a click.

If you have a Windows computer, there is a tool called RAMExpert which will analyze your RAM specification and recommend an upgrade if you need it. Best of all? It’s free.

Of course, you will be able to check your computer’s RAM by bringing up the storage settings. So why use RAMExpert? Third party software like RAMExpert will not only tell you how much random access memory you are using but also give you a detailed breakdown of the RAM (both current and potential) on the motherboard of your PC. Let’s go through the process of installation and check out the program, to see if RAMExpert is worth downloading for you.

The installation process is easy: just head here or to the KC Software homepage and click 'Download for Windows'. Then you have to accept the terms and conditions. It asks you to make sure you have at least 7.2 MB of space (although the program is only around 2.5 MB). Then you will need to hit next three times and press install! It should download in seconds then you can fire it up and test your RAM. It will give you some general information on your system, including the current and maximum memory. On the right of the box, you will see how much physical memory is being used and how much there is in total. Underneath these there will be boxes giving you more detailed information on the slots in the motherboard. You can check the slot name, manufacturer, model type and serial number. You may have options to upgrade these or get the specifications as a PDF file.

It is a simple and light program, with some basic options. You can export the information as text or into a spreadsheet, check for updates, change the log or report bugs. A program like RAMExpert is useful if you require real-time updates on the memory in use on your motherboard. If you click on an empty slot, you will be directed to an Amazon page to purchase more storage.

This takes us to the flaws of some otherwise pretty nifty freeware. Why Amazon? The links you are directed to may not be the best products for your computer’s needs. If RAMExpert provided a more detailed breakdown on the memory usage, it could give a more appropriate and specific recommendation for the best type of RAM for the extra slots. Another drawback of this software is that you are left none the wiser on the timings or speed of the current memory usage.

Where can you run this program?

You can use RAMExpert on your PC, laptop, tablet or notebook (Windows only). The program is free and quick to download, only leaving a small footprint on your device. You can run RAMExpert on a variety of Windows computers, including models by Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba and the Nokia Tablet. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are all supported. There are no annoying adverts or harmful malware. There are two versions of RAMExpert: for 32 bit and 64 bit. Most modern devices will support both types. Unsurprisingly, the RAMExpert 64-bit version is faster and provides a better performance and more stability for your hardware. Unfortunately, RAMExpert is not supported by MAC computers.

Is there a better alternative?

As freeware goes, RAMExpert ticks all the right boxes. It gives you comprehensive RAM information after a straightforward download process and has been tested to be 100% malware free. Is it the best tool for the job? There is plenty of alternative software that will test your RAM and boost the performance of your computer. If you are looking specifically to create more memory on your motherboard, then try SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.9. This is a great program that will accelerate your system performance by creating multiple virtual RAM disks. The downside is it will set you back around 20 dollars.

A more budget alternative (at half the price) is Free Up Ram 1.167. As the name suggests, this simple but effective tool will free up available memory by redistributing the memory space and making the storage more efficient. Speccy is also well worth looking into. The three-tiered program begins with the free version which will offer a pretty decent and detailed breakdown of your system RAM.

Our take

As freeware goes, RAMExpert does an awesome job. It will give you a comprehensive snapshot of your RAM usage and some simple recommendations for how to get more space.

Should you download it?

If you are looking a free option, then it is definitely worth a shot.


  • Free
  • Simple UI
  • Efficient
  • Light


  • Limited information
  • Basic recomendations

RAMExpertfor Windows


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