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Free file transfer app

Xender is a free app used for transferring images, music, and videos between your devices. Xender is available on PC, android, and iOS devices, allowing you to share content between them with ease.


Xender, like Zapva or Shareit on Windows, is unique to most apps because of its added features. Xender can transfer files between devices and access dozens of free online games through 

Unlike Zapva or Shareit, Xender functions as a capable media downloader as well, allowing you to download videos from various media sites. Using Xender’s MP3 converter, you can also convert any videos you download from Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube into .mp3 files that you can use on any device.

Although a Chinese tech company developed Xender, this app supports 32 different languages for its users’ convenience, including English, Japanese, Arabic, French, and many more. 

How to use 

Download the Xender app from your iPhone store, or download it from Xender’s own website.

There are two ways you can transfer your files. You can use Xender’s QR code function, which creates a code that you can scan or share files through an internet connection. However, it requires you to use a device as a mobile hotspot and won’t work using Wi-Fi at all. 

Recent customer complaints

There are a few complaints that Xender’s users have regarding the app's updates. Because Xender is a free app, it relies on ads to make money. Many users have complained about the number of ads they’ve seen with software updates. With these updates, several users claim that using Xender to transfer and download files has become even more complicated and not as straightforward as it was. 

Our take 

Xender is a file transfer app that works very differently from many others on the market. However, between Xender’s troubling transfer speed, lack of an alternative to watching ads(like a premium service), and user difficulty, it lacks the focus its competitors have. 

As a reliable file transfer app, Xender is hard to recommend.

Should you download it?

No, there are better free alternatives.


  • MP3 converter
  • Media Downloader
  • Functional browser-based games
  • Transfer between different devices


  • Large amount of ads with no alternatives
  • Convoluted transferring process
  • Slow transfer times

Xender:File ShareShare Musicfor iOS


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