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Fulfill your pirate fantasy by pillaging and plundering

Raise the black flag and conquer the seven seas in Sea of Thieves, a game that lets you explore your inner buccaneer as you sail the oceans in search of fortune and glory. You´ll encounter endless hordes of enemies waiting to pounce on your bounty.

Form a crew, search for hidden treasure and sail the oceans

Encounter legends lost to the sea, by exploring the vast open world in search of danger. But beware, danger can also find you.

Master the seas and conquer the rising tides as you take on the role of a pirate. Your quest for riches hides within the game’s primary mode of play, adventure mode. The world is at your fingertips as you explore, battle, loot and encounter mysteries within the ocean.

Gather your crew and set sail. Discover encounter based events and story-driven content in between the random battles between rival ships. Destroy your enemies as a team and plunder their ill-gotten gains. Rise through the ranks of trading companies to become a pirate legend. Gaining the title with your crew won’t be easy since there are many tasks to do.

Discard your landlubber apparel in the character customization menu, dress up like a real pirate. Unlock daring tricorns, fiery tattoos or elegant hooks as you play the game. Purchase customized options through the in-game shop.

Encounter legends lost to the sea by exploring the vast open world in search of danger. But beware, danger can also find you. Battle hordes of skeletal corsairs in hidden forts, ships with a skeleton crew or take on the Kraken. However, the most fearsome of all encounters you’ll face is your fellow players, their ship on your horizon may save your booty or deliver a cannonball volley.

Where can you run this program?

Sea of Thieves is a Microsoft exclusive title, that’s only available for the Xbox One console and Windows 10 computers.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Sea of Thieves is a unique game that gives you a ship, an open world and says “explore” without holding you back. It’s multiplayer and co-op which provides plenty of room for friends to join.

Our take

Sea of thieves is a swashbuckling game full of adventure and cannon blasting carnage. It’s fun to explore, battle, or mess around with friends.

Should you download it?

Yes. Sea of thieves is a great game that’s perfect for playing with friends online. Create a crew and dominate the waves.


  • Great co-op action
  • Fun world design
  • Live the pirate dream


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not for solo players
  • Only available for Windows

Program available in other languages

Sea of Thievesfor Windows


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