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Root Checker is a free Android app designed and developed by Joeykrim. It's a trusted application that provides your root installation status of your Android device. The app works fast and is easy to use, and shows whether the root access has been successfully installed or not.

What Root Checker is all about

Users sometimes have issues when installing, configuring, uninstalling, removing, or gaining access to the root. Root Checker helps make these processes more manageable. Regardless of your technical background, Root Checker will verify if your root access works 100%. The app relates to a core function, letting you execute commands through your SU binary using root access. 

Apps like Root Checker, Root Verifier, Rootsu - Root Checker, Superuser Root Checker, and many others are great apps to use if you suspect someone is attempting to install root access on your device. These apps can confirm and verify whether your suspicions are viable and if you need to do anything about it. 

Root Checker will let you accept or deny root access requests if your SuperSU, SU, Superuser, and other Superuser management applications work. By accepting, you will allow Root Checker to confirm your Android root access. Once the app is on your phone, be careful of the changes you make, as some changes can disqualify your device's warranty. 

Root Checker Basic Features

You can download Root Checker from any trusted source supported on your Android device. Root Checker Basic is easy to use, has a simple interface, and also with the following features:

  • Provides you with essential information that you need from root access
  • An accurate method that can verify root installations
  • Gives global results for more than 2000 Android devices
  • Is a trusted app in over 180 countries
  • Easily share your scan results with your friends and family

Our take

Root Checker is a great app to have if you have suspect someone else has access to your devices or if you need to verify your root access.   

Should you download it?

Yes, if you need to verify your root access then we recommend downloading Root Checker. If you’re looking to tether WiFi with your Android device, you can try FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root).


  • The app is free and easy to use
  • You will be able to install custom apps, settings, and ROMs
  • Acts like a firewall, which allows you to run special applications
  • You can free more RAM and increase your internal memory


  • Your device can start performing poorly
  • Apps like Root Checker can void your device warranty
  • Are at more at risk when you get a virus on your device
  • Some changes can damage your phone

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