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Analyze, edit, and go

Hexeditor is an app meant for opening and editing hex data. With this app, you can explore any information on your phone, and change it for any purpose you can think of.

Simple app, complex functionality

Access, edit, and debug any information on your phone.

If you’re a programmer, having issues with your phone, or simply want to cheat in a few games on your phone, this application will catch your eye. It’s a free option for accessing and editing raw content in files. Hexeditor makes it easy to do this.

When you open this application, you’re presented with a simple format. It’s easy to understand what each icon is supposed to do. Opening file information is also a breeze. It’s a built in mechanism and doesn’t require you to send the file to the app. Once you’ve accessed your desired content, it’ll show up in a clean and organized setup. Every segment of the data is organized in columns and is easy to understand.

Sure, accessing this data can be useful for finding out file types, among other things. But, there’s something to say about how simple they are to edit. If you’re looking to gain an advantage against other players with a high score, or other point system, Hexeditor makes it simple. Adjust the information and hit the save icon, and you’re good to go.

Although the basic interface is comfortable, it’s frustrating that you can’t change the font size. Also, when working with more complex files, pop up ads become a heavy nuisance. They get in the way of anything you’re trying to do with the app. Also, Hexeditor always opens data for editing. Sure, you can view the information, but a different style of doing so would be a bit better. This might be why many files take so long to open in this application.

Where can you run this program?

This program requires Android 4.0 and up to run.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The hex editor you choose will depend on your specific needs from the program. As opposed to HexEditor, HxD’s system runs faster when opening files, and allows you to split and shred files.

Our take

The basic function of the app is useful and quite user-friendly (for those who know how to use it!), but it lacks the sophistication to smoothly script files.

Should you download it?

No. There are better functioning Hex Editor apps that will not interrupt your work with annoying ads.


  • Lots of tools
  • Easy to use
  • Fluid interface


  • Pop up ads
  • Opening large files is complicated
  • Can’t modify font size

Hex Editor Freefor Android


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