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Real Cricket 20 brings the essence of cricket to your mobile device, aiming to provide a comprehensive gaming experience for cricket enthusiasts. Grab your virtual bat, step onto the virtual field, and experience the exhilarating world of cricket like never before.

Everything you need to know about Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is a mobile cricket game designed to offer cricket enthusiasts an immersive and realistic gaming experience. It's a comprehensive cricket simulation that aims to capture the essence of the sport in a mobile gaming format. Here are some key features of Real Cricket 20:

  • Varied gameplay modes: Real Cricket 20 offers diverse gameplay modes, including Challenge Mode, where players can reenact historic cricket battles, and 'Road to World Cup' and 'Road to RCPL' modes to relive and create memorable cricketing moments.
  • Multiplayer engagement: The game provides real-time multiplayer options such as classic 1v1 matches, cooperative play against AI, and the ability to spectate friends' matches, enhancing the social gaming experience.
  • Commentary variety: The inclusion of multiple commentary packs, including Sanjay Manjrekar's commentary in different languages, adds depth and realism to the gaming experience.
  • Gameplay innovation: Real Cricket 20 introduces Batting Types, allowing players to feel the differences between various batsmen and their unique styles of play.
  • Review system: The game incorporates an UltraEdge Review System, featuring Hotspot and Snicko-meter, to review umpire calls for edges and LBWs, adding authenticity to gameplay.
  • Authenticity in detail: Real Cricket 20 boasts realistic stadiums, day-night transitions, and a Pro Cam feature that provides a first-person perspective while batting, enhancing the immersive experience.
  • Tournaments and customization: It offers a variety of tournaments, from World Cups to Premier Leagues, and allows players to customize player faces and team jerseys for a personalized touch.
  • Test match realism: For enthusiasts of Test Cricket, the game replicates detailed match conditions, pink ball tests, and provides new commentary options for a more realistic Test Cricket experience.

Real Cricket 20 strives to encapsulate the intricacies of cricket in a mobile gaming format, offering an array of features and gameplay modes to cater to the diverse preferences of cricket fans.

Is Real Cricket 20 online or offline?

Real Cricket 20 offers both online and offline modes, catering to various gaming preferences. When online, players can engage in real-time matches, compete against others worldwide, and enjoy live commentary. Offline modes include single-player challenges like Challenge Mode and 'Road to World Cup,' ensuring entertainment without an internet connection. The game's versatility allows for an immersive cricket experience, whether playing competitively online or enjoying solo gaming offline.

Is Real Cricket 20 a good game?

Real Cricket 20 is considered a solid mobile game for cricket enthusiasts. It offers a comprehensive cricketing experience with various gameplay modes, realistic features like commentary by Sanjay Manjrekar, authentic stadiums, and multiplayer options. Its blend of online and offline play caters to different preferences, making it a good choice for cricket fans looking for a mobile gaming experience. 

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Best Real Cricket 20 alternatives

There are several cricket games available on Android that offer diverse gameplay experiences similar to Real Cricket 20. Here are some popular alternatives:

  • World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3): Known for its realistic graphics, diverse game modes, and multiplayer options, WCC3 provides an immersive cricket experience.
  • Stick Cricket Premier League: Offers a more casual gaming experience with simple gameplay mechanics but addictive gameplay and a focus on league-style tournaments.
  • Big Bash Cricket: Focuses on the Australian T20 league, providing an engaging cricketing experience with realistic gameplay and various modes.
  • Cricket Captain 2021: More strategy-oriented, this game allows players to manage a cricket team, make decisions, and lead them to victory.
  • Sachin Saga Cricket Champions: A game endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar, offering unique challenges and realistic gameplay.
  • Real Cricket 19: The predecessor of Real Cricket 20 still holds up as an excellent alternative, offering a comprehensive cricketing experience.

Each of these games has its own unique gameplay features, modes, and presentation styles, catering to different preferences within the realm of cricket gaming on Android. Exploring these alternatives can help find the one that suits your gaming taste the best.


Real Cricket 20 stands out as a mobile game catering to cricket aficionados. Its immersive gameplay, attention to detail, and diverse features offer a satisfying gaming experience. Despite the presence of in-app purchases, the game's overall authenticity and engagement remain commendable.

For cricket enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive mobile gaming experience, Real Cricket 20 delivers a decent portrayal of the sport, allowing players to relive cricketing history and engage in thrilling matches.


  • Online multiplayer support
  • Authenticity in stadiums, player faces, and match conditions
  • Diverse tournament options


  • In-app purchases

Program available in other languages

Real Cricket 20for Android


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