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Real Cricket 20 is a free mobile game released in February 2020. The title feels realistic as it uses many famous stadiums and players. However, as the game is a cricket simulation, it can feel boring to play it as you aren't fully controlling the characters.

Online gameplay

Real Cricket 20 offers two online multiplayer versus modes with real-time gameplay pitting teams against each other. The first game option is a two-player match placing the two sides against each other in a classic cricket match. The second multiplayer mode has two teams of two players facing off, letting you and three of your friends play together.

Alternatively, you can play a co-op match with one of your friends over Google Play as you challenge the game's AI. If you don't want to play, you can quickly spectate other players' rounds and observe their tactics.

If you want to play alone, you can use the challenge mode and experience some of cricket's most significant moments with your own personal twist. You can also set up matches against the AI to play offline without any pressure.


Real Cricket 20 focuses on various aspects of the sport to create a realistic cricket environment. As you play, you'll see multiple stadiums from worldwide locations like Cape Town and Mumbai. Each stadium offers a unique atmosphere and environment that makes the game feel less repetitive.

Additionally, there are many tournaments to play in, including the World Cup 2019. You're also able to participate in various leagues across the world. 

Many features

Real Cricket 20 offers many features that improve quality of life and realism while playing. One such feature allows you to edit the time of day, while another provides the option to save and rewatch match highlights.

Our take

Real Cricket 20 is an excellent game with realistic depictions of your favorite cricket stars and stadiums. There are many similar alternatives, such as the previous Real Cricket 17,  and World Cricket Championship 3. There are many options to pick within the game and online multiplayer modes you can play.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're a big cricket fan, this game is an excellent choice to download and play.


  • Online multiplayer support
  • Various modes
  • Select the time of day to play at
  • Authentic and realistic


  • Unrealistic Autoplay

Real Cricket 20for Android


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