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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a mobile role-playing game that takes place in a mystical world of the Fate series, where servants are collected to fight and protect humanity. The game's location setting and characters are based on the Fate series.


The year is 2004 in a provincial town of Japan. However, you won’t stay there long as you’re a part of an order tasked to guard humanity. You’ll travel back in time, intervening with events to find space-time singularities that could make the future disappear. 

Taking a visual-novel style similar to Dragalia Lost, FGO makes you a master who gathers Heroic Spirits to defeat enemies and solve mysteries.

Exciting combat mechanics

FGO takes a turn-based approach with its combat but puts a spin on the classic mechanics from titles like Fire Emblem Heroes. 

You’ll pick and summon heroes for each engagement. The counter system lets you use each Servant class to its full potential. Information about their skills and powers is easy to access from their cards. It’s on you to pick the best fighters for each scenario.

You’ll also find potent Mystic Codes as you’re traversing the world and battling enemies. Equipping them on your servants adds unique capabilities to make them increasingly powerful.

Chapters and episodes

The narrative consists of multiple main quests, letting you follow multiple characters as they’re fulfilling their purpose. Each quest has a unique Servant; the extent of your bond can significantly push the story forward.

You’ll go through the Observer of the Timeless Temple first, tackling its seven chapters. If you succeed, you advance to a detective tale called Epic Remnant. Cosmos in the Lostbelt is the second part with various new adventures.

While you can’t team up with other players, the gameplay remains engaging throughout. Plus, there’s a massive community dedicated to the game and all its lore.

Our take

While FGO does simplify its plot, even the original series fans can’t complain. Overall, although it takes some grinding, it’s a well-developed, gripping mobile RPG.

Should you download it?

Yes. Fans of the Fate franchise will enjoy the extra content, and anyone can appreciate the unique combat system.


  • Immersive storyline
  • A wide array of characters
  • Engaging combat
  • Well-executed graphics


  • Relies on grinding
  • Revolves around the Fate plot

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Fate/Grand Orderfor Android


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