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BTS WORLD by Netmarble Games is a free life simulation title that features fantasy stories about the members of the popular boyband, BTS. You’ll play as an employee of its agency, managing the group in the days before it debuted and helping them grow to where they are today.

Popular topic

BTS is a massively popular band that already inspired many games such as BTS Universe Story and BTS Messenger 2. This mobile game is much more detailed, though, exploring the band’s early days and their rise to fame.

The app resembles the classics in the world of life sims, such as The Sims, but focuses on actual people’s lives. Still, it does more than tell their story. It reimagines how the events predating the band’s explosive success took place.

Realistic Gameplay

The primary campaign consists of six chapters, each with 20 stages.

As their manager, you’ll be sorting the members’ characteristics and arranging gigs for them. You’ll also take care of the daily itineraries, checking conditions, and otherwise ensuring everything is going according to your plans.

To do so, you’ll have to talk to them, which you can do through calls, texts, or social media. The communication follows a script but still feels realistic and appropriate.

Your other task is to collect cards with members’ snapshots and short clips, which help you complete a stage on the way towards fame. If you choose to purchase items in-app, you’ll be able to progress more smoothly.

An extra plotline

Apart from the main story, BTS WORLD has another plot for you, with the same three sub-modes. It takes place in an alternate reality where the band members aren’t K-Pop idols and with no interest in music careers. You’ll help them with their passions that are entirely unrelated to showbusiness.

Our take

This feature-packed game is the dream of any die-hard BTS fan. It lets you feel like a part of the crew while developing closer relationships with the boys, helping you ignore its disadvantages.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a BTS fan, this game is a must-play. The immersive storyline, additional plots, and the idols’ footage will make you love it. If you’re not big on the band, though, there are better life simulations. 

BTS WORLDfor Android


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