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Free stress-testing for Windows

Created back in 2003, OCCT Perestroïka lets you comprehensively test the stability of your computer. It has seen regular updates and improvements since its release on Windows. The program presents you with graphical reports and informative graphs about your computer.

The importance of stress tests

Overclock checking tools (OCCT) app is essential for various reasons. It helps you diagnose hardware problems in your computer, specifically concerning your CPU, GPU, RAM, and power supply. This is especially important if you have overclocked your computer as this can cause stability issues.

How the program works

It makes use of four different tests. THE GPU:3D tests your power supply, as well as the stability of your GPU. CPU: Linpack and CPU: OCCT test your CPU, and both GPU:34 and CPU: Linpack are used to stress-test your power supply. 

The software offers you detailed data, including your CPU temperature, usage, memory usage, and bus speed. It also offers exhaustive system information, including your motherboard type, CPU name, and graphics card, among much else. However, there are limited functions for what you can do with this information.

The program will offer results in each of the testing modes - indicating if everything is running smoothly or whether there are some abnormalities, which is useful, but there are other alternatives, such as the 3DMark stress test.

Helpful features 

The software saves a complete graphical test report, which you can keep for future reference. It also protects your PC by specifying at what temperature the components may reach during the test before it must bring the process to an end.

Our take

OCCT Perestroika is a good stress test and offers you detailed reports and information, and we would recommend it. It’s useful for PC professionals, those looking to boost their computer’s performance safely, or anyone just interested in checking their computer’s stability and health. 

Should you download it?

Yes, we think it is a beneficial tool and is well worth the download if you need it.


  • Comprehensive testing
  • Overheating protection
  • Graphical reports
  • Provides detailed information


  • Limited functions

OCCT Perestroïkafor Windows


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