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A game editor for Minecraft

If you need to edit a certain portion of a Minecraft project, look no further than MCEdit. It is designed to cut and paste sections, or even entire worlds, into other areas by exporting sections.

Game changing editing software

Besides adjusting things found in the world, people using this software are also able to move individuals as well as, their spawn points anywhere in the world.

There is nothing worse than finishing a large structure in Minecraft, and after leaving the construction site to get a better look at it, realize it’s asymmetrical and flawed. Rather than throw out the entire project and start again, MCEdit allows you to cut a piece of the world out, and export that section.

By removing this section, focus on fixing that one part and not worry about the world their structure was built in. Besides adjusting things found in the world, use this software to move individuals and their spawn points anywhere in the world. This makes it a lot easier to stay organized.

Another cool feature offered by MCEdit is the ability to clone blocks. This feature is useful because users can save time by avoiding a constant grind. You can also play with lighting and shading, to a certain degree, using this software.

Obviously every program has a shortcoming, but MCEdit is a very solid product. You could say that Worldedit would be better for smaller edits, and you would be right. However, you can still use MCEdit on large edits; it’s just not as time-efficient.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.

Is there a better alternative?

For small scale edits, some people would recommend World Edit over MCEdit. In terms of general editing software, nothing is better than this program.

Our take

If you are someone who uses Minecraft for the building element of the game, rather than multiplayer combat, this program is made for you.

Should you download it?

Yes. MCEdit experiences little to no technical issues, and the ability to modify physics, cut, export, and edit saved files is very useful.


  • Edit saved files
  • Clone block function
  • Move spawn points


  • Bad for small edits
  • Large edits cause lag
  • Difficult interface

MCEditfor Windows


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