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Free PDF Reader for Windows 10

The PDF Reader from PDFLogic for Windows 10 is a free software that allows users to download and view PDF documents. The software lacks unique features, so it attempts to make up for it in accessibility and ease.


PDFLogic sets out to create an optimized, free PDF document reader to surpass Microsoft Reader. Being specially made to be compatible with Windows 10, this reader has more power than previous operating systems could manage. The reader has a special copy and paste feature that makes the process significantly quicker.


There is nothing unique or special about this reader that differentiates it from its competition. The software is outdated, despite being designed for the current Windows OS.

The reader only allows for viewing, printing, and converting Adobe PDF files to other simple forms. Rather than editing the files directly, the reader serves only the purpose of allowing you to open a document and read it.


The main issue of PDFLogic’s reader is that the program doesn’t stand out. It would be impossible to list all of the alternatives to a simplistic program such as this one, but the most prevalent ones include Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is for Windows 10 and also is a free PDF reading app. Also, this app has a premium version, which is capable of creating and editing PDF documents.

Other alternatives include Google Docs, which allows you to upload a PDF document for free and directly edit it through the web-based document software. Alongside this, web-browsing apps such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are all capable of opening, viewing, and reading PDF files without any issue.

Our take

The PDF Reader from PDFLogic for Windows 10 is a basic software that only allows users to open PDF documents without editing, annotating, or signing them. The software lacks unique features to differentiate it from the competition. While there isn’t anything wrong with it, there’s simply no reason to use it over other apps.

Should you download it?

No. There are too many alternatives that are better.


  • Free


  • Lack of original functionality
  • Limited functionality

Program available in other languages

PDF Reader for Windows 10for Windows

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