Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 10for Windows


Adobe Touch, a computer app everyone needs

Adobe Reader is one of the best-known programs when it comes to viewing, editing, and managing PDFs. With Adobe Reader Touch, you can have this tool on any compatible mobile device or even your touch screen computer and make PDF surfing just that much easier.

Get the best of both worlds

Adobe Reader is the paramount application you’ll use for interacting with PDFs. However, with Adobe Reader Touch, you can take this expertise wherever you go. With the intuitive design made specifically for the Windows 8 Touch and Tablet, you’ll never be short of a proper way to PDF.

Across all devices, always be ready

Whether it’s a last-minute project fix or a follow-up email on your commute, with Adobe Reader Touch you’ll never be at a loss for viewing and managing your PDFs wherever you are. Additionally, the software still works perfectly well on your computer with your keyboard and mouse for when you’re at home.

Versatile and efficient

The only difference between Adobe Reader Touch and Adobe Reader is simply the name. One works on all devices, the other does not. Choosing to make the switch is obvious. However, those who prefer only computer work may want to look into getting Adobe Reader DC, as it is more streamlined for that format than Adobe Reader Touch.

Our take

For anyone wanting to take their work on the go, Adobe Reader Touch is perfect for those commute adjustments. While Adobe Reader DC is good for exclusively computer work, the fact that Adobe Reader Touch works on everything is almost too good to pass up. 

Even for the computer worker, using a phone for document transfer or edits is something that comes up in the workplace all too often. Why not be ready with Adobe Reader Touch?

Should you download it?

Yes. If mobile editing is needed, absolutely. It is essential for those who do any sort of work on the go, even if said work is minimal.


  • Works on most mobile devices
  • Works well on laptops or PCs with keyboard and mouse
  • Makes document transfer easy
  • Allows for editing on the go


  • Not as optimal for computer use
  • Somewhat limited features on mobile
  • Not as optimized for mobile devices other than Windows Tablet and Touch

Program available in other languages

Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 10for Windows

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