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TLS Tunnel - VPN: A gateway to Internet freedom

With online privacy and freedom increasingly under threat, tools like TLS Tunnel are a beacon of hope. TLS Tunnel is not just another VPN; it promises to break through digital barriers and provide users with privacy, freedom and anonymity.

TLS Tunnel uses a proprietary protocol known as TLSVPN. This protocol uses the solid security of TLS 1.3 (with optional TLS 1.2 support), the same encryption used by HTTPS websites. TLS Tunnel strengthens the user's connection and prevents tampering attempts by using a self-signed certificate that is verified during the connection.

One of the most attractive aspects of TLS Tunnel is its accessibility. No registration or payment is required; you only need a functional internet connection or the knowledge to bypass your provider's restrictions. This simplicity ensures that anyone, regardless of technical ability, can benefit from the protective cloak that TLS Tunnel offers.

TLS Tunnel also provides flexibility in server usage. While official servers are available, users also have the option to use their own servers via SSH. This "Private Server" option opens up avenues for personalised configurations, whether using a standard SSH port or more advanced methods such as anchor text and SNI.

It is worth noting the versatility of the protocol support. While official servers use all IPv4 protocols without problems, private servers are limited to TCP unless supported by a UDP gateway such as badvpn-udpgw.

In addition, TLS Tunnel encourages a community-oriented approach by enabling communication between users connected to the same server. Although this feature is disabled by default for security reasons, it underlines the collaborative ethos of the TLS Tunnel community.

Despite its many features, TLS Tunnel is completely free. However, there is an option to pay for third-party server access for users who do not have access to private servers. It is important to note that TLS Tunnel separates itself from issues that arise on private servers and places the responsibility for resolution on the server owners.

Our take

TLS Tunnel's commitment to privacy and freedom is commendable. Its easy setup and solid encryption make it an attractive option for users who want to protect their online activities. The inclusion of a dedicated server option adds a layer of customisation that meets different user needs. However, reliance on third-party servers can result in variability in service quality, emphasising the importance of performing due diligence before going this route.

Should you download it?

Absolutely. TLS Tunnel offers a compelling solution for individuals navigating the complexities of online privacy and censorship. 

Whether you're a experienced tech geek or a casual internet user, TLS Tunnel allows you to take back control over your digital footprint. With its emphasis on accessibility and security, downloading TLS Tunnel is a proactive step towards securing your online presence.


  • Strong encryption
  • Flexibility in server usage
  • Community-driven approach


  • Limited protocol support on private servers
  • Reliance on third-party servers
  • Responsibility for private server issues

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TLS Tunnel - Unlimited VPNfor Android


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