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Need For Speed Underground is the first game in the NFS Underground series. The game isn’t the latest release, but it still holds up well.


As a Need For Speed game, Underground provides players with a massive array of available vehicles to race. 20 fully customizable vehicles are available to you, including the Nissan Skyline GT-R that's featured on the cover and is the car with the highest stats. You can race on several maps with over 100 unique events that allow racers to progress.

Underground lets players take part in, as the name implies, underground races. Players will drag race through the city with three other racers. The obstacles come as players dodge cars, buildings, and other various factors that can grind a race to a halt.

The soundtrack is often mentioned as the best part of any Need For Speed title. Underground and its sequel provide a massively acclaimed soundtrack.


Despite being a game about street racing, Need For Speed Underground places players on limited race tracks. The game wouldn’t have an open-world element until the sequel. Glitches and bugs are prevalent as well, but not generally game-breaking.

The only other issue is that the Underground series has been abandoned after the sequel.


In the racing game genre, there’s no shortage of competition. Depending on the overall goal you can range anywhere from Grand Theft Auto to other games in the Need For Speed series.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the highest-selling video games in the world. In GTA V you take the role of one of three main protagonists in story mode, where you street race and take part in organized crime. Similarly, the online mode allows you to play but a much bigger array of races and options including an impromptu race function.

Need For Speed Underground 2 is the biggest draw as the sequel to the best seller. Underground 2 improved on almost everything about the game by adding a free-roam mode where street races can occur at any time. The game also features an online mode, a better soundtrack, and even more customizable vehicles.

Our take

Need For Speed Underground is one of the classic race gaming. The game withstands the test of time, but, like any game, it is not perfect.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you want a classic racing experience


  • Classic title
  • Well-built
  • Includes local multiplayer


  • No online mode
  • No open-world experience

Need For Speed Undergroundfor Windows


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