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Go on a street racing quest with Need for Speed Carbon

Need for Speed Carbon is the tenth installment in the popular Need for Speed racing series. Race to the finish line through a range of urban tracks.

Take part in street racing excitement

Need for Speed Carbon is set in the world of street-racing. Choose your car, customize and upgrade it as you see fit, and compete with your rivals to reach the finish line. But watch out: if you get too fast, you might end up being pursued by the police. The game is designed to replicate street racing as accurately as possible, even using real-world car models.

Different modes to try out

Need for Speed Carbon features multiple gameplay modes. The main attraction is Career Mode, in which you must compete with rival crews to secure urban territory. Also available is Quick Race Mode, for customizing short races; Challenge Series, featuring a range of different events; and Online Multiplayer Mode, which is in turn divided into Pursuit Knockout and Pursuit Tag.

Our take

One feature that separates Need for Speed Carbon from its predecessors in the series like Need for Speed and Need for Speed: Most Wanted is the presence of "Canyon Events". As the name suggests, these take place on canyons outside of the urban setting of the game and come with their own set of rules based on the conventions of Japanese Toge racing.

Should you download it?

This is a game with plenty to offer. One thing that will really hold your interest as a player is that the game offers comprehensive customization options. Not only can you choose from a variety of real-life car models, but you can also customize them to suit your personal tastes. The more races you win, the more upgrades will be at your disposal, and before long, you will be able to take to the streets in a truly unique racer.


  • A range of real-life cars to choose
  • Expansive customization options
  • Canyon events add new dimension


  • Cutscenes have stiff animation
  • Perhaps unnecessary if you own other Need for Speed titles
  • Boss races can be frustrating

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Need for Speed Carbonfor Windows

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