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Fast-paced free Windows racing game

Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft is a free Windows release of the popular mobile racing game. It maintains the fast-paced, arcade-style mechanics and the formidable car lineup while bringing enhanced visuals, simple controls, and diverse gameplay options to the PC screen.

Optimized PC experience

The Asphalt series is popular among mobile gamers, but its PC release takes it to the next level. Gameloft adapted the controls to ensure seamless desktop gameplay, providing the same adrenaline-packed experience on larger displays.

The racing track variety is impressive, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Need for Speed and other prominent titles. Like in Blur, developers drew inspiration for the vehicles from real-life models, depicting them in great detail. 

Engaging gameplay

Asphalt 9 boasts two central game modes as well as multiple enhancements, events, and tests to keep you entertained. More than 70 tracks and race types feature various obstacles and roadblocks, presenting a unique challenge with each match. 

The Career Mode is single-player and offline, tasking you with a series of races to complete and push your driver further up the ranks. Alternatively, you can test your skills against other players in online multiplayer. 

You begin with a basic vehicle model to upgrade or replace through win-based coins or in-game purchases. Once you learn the basics, you’ll start mastering various stunts and picking up boosts on the track, making each race a bit more exciting than the previous one. 

Immersive design

Gameloft has ensured that all racing action looks slick and polished on larger screens. The tracks are based on real-world locations, intricately displaying everything from the tire marks to environments and weather conditions. 

The cars are as aesthetically pleasing as they are powerful, serving a treat for the eyes. The latest release also introduced customization options, letting you play around with vehicle colors and materials to make your ride pop against the road. 

Our take

Asphalt 9: Legends is a fantastic Windows game that promises endless hours of absolute excitement. It doesn’t compromise quality in any aspect, delivering engaging, fast-paced action throughout. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Gameloft hit the mark with this Windows title. It’s a must-play, even if you’re brand-new to Asphalt releases.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Straightforward control system
  • Excellent car selection
  • Over 70 different tracks
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer modes
  • Frequent limited-time events


  • Encourages in-game purchases

Asphalt 9: Legendsfor Windows


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