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Paid F1 racing game

F1 2021 is another title in the vast F1 series available for consoles and PCs. Much like its previous titles, F1 2020 and F1 2019, the game is pay-to-play. Unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Underground 2, it presents official tracks rather than street racing. 

F1 2021 provides more than speeding around the circuit, as you can play the story mode or create your driver. Additionally, the game supports split-screen and online multiplayer, giving you the option to play with friends. The new two-player career mode is an exciting change to the repetitive game.

Fan favorites

F1 2021 is the official game of Formula One racing for the 2021 year. This aspect brings back many fan-favorite drivers and their vehicles for you to play.

All the cars and their designs are true to the track, immersing you in the intense battle for the Grand Prix. Cars are louder but pale compared to the ones you watch on television during the actual racing event. 

Create your own driver

One of the many modes in F1 2021 is the ‘My Team’ mode. This gameplay option allows you to create your own Formula One racing team and driver. Additionally, you’ll need to pick a sponsor and engine supplier as you compete with the rest of the teams.

Reliving the glory of your own character is a simple task as you watch replays and highlights of races you’ve won. Viewing the stats of your driver through the menu shows expanded stats and areas for improvement.

Play with friends

F1 2021 offers many ways to enjoy the game with both friends and other online gamers. If you have a controller to spare or your PC can support remote play, the split-screen option provides quick and easy two-player game modes. However, there are online races for social and competitive players as well as a two-player career mode.

Our take

Overall, F1 2021 is an excellent game with updated mechanics when compared to previous editions. However, the gameplay is still highly similar, except for a few mechanics and modes. This repetitiveness is typical to racing games, making it most suited to fans of the sport.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re an F1 fan and thoroughly enjoy the gameplay experience, this title provides a few unique mechanics to discover.


  • Play with friends
  • Experience an F1 story
  • Create your own Driver
  • Online multiplayer game mode


  • High System Requirements
  • Base gameplay feels similar to previous titles in the series

F1 2021for Windows


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