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Dream League Soccer 2019 - With real players and teams

Dream League Soccer 2019, also known as DLS 2019, is a fun and engaging football game where you get to run your own soccer team. Created by First Touch Games, it features real players and lots of interactive options that let you manage everything about your team. With great graphics and exciting gameplay, this game gives you a real taste of football management. You can enjoy it on iOS.

What can you do in DLS 2019?

In Dream League Soccer 2019, you take charge of your own soccer team. Here’s what you get to do:

  • Build and Manage Your Team: Start by creating your dream team. You can choose and sign players like Gareth Bale to help your team climb from the lower leagues to the top Elite Division. You decide on the team’s playing formation and strategy, and train them to be the best.
  • Play Smart: Every match is a new challenge with smart computer opponents that make you think and adapt your strategy.
  • Compete Online: In Dream League Online, you play against teams from around the world. Move up the leaderboards by winning these matches.
  • Join Events: There are regular live events where you can compete for big prizes and prove your team's worth.

DLS 2019 features

Dream League Soccer 2019 is packed with features that make the game fun and interesting:

  • Real Players: The game uses real FIFPro™ licensed players which makes it feel authentic and professional.
  • Customization:
    • You can change your team’s look by customizing their jerseys and logos, and you can even design your own stadium.
    • You also get to decide how your team plays by setting up the right tactics and formation.
  • Climb the Leagues: Try to win in 6 different divisions and over 7 cup competitions, showing off your team’s skill and your management abilities.
  • Goals and Achievements: There are specific goals to reach as you play, which keeps the game exciting and rewarding.
  • Great Graphics and Sound:
    • The game looks amazing and runs smoothly on compatible devices, making it feel like you’re really there.
    • Enjoy an awesome soundtrack with music from bands like The Luka State and Sunset Sons, which adds to the game’s atmosphere.

Other Things to Know:

  • DLS 2019 is free to download and play, but it includes some optional in-app purchases.
  • You’ll need an internet connection to download game content and to play in events

Dream League Soccer 2019 offers a full and thrilling experience for anyone who likes football and wants to test their skills at managing a team.


  • Realistic gameplay
  • Better graphics compared to preceding titles
  • Free to play
  • Real players


  • Newer versions available
  • Not available on App Store
  • Doesn’t get updates anymore

Program available in other languages

Dream League Soccer 2019for iOS


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