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Free wallpaper and ringtone customization app

Zedge is a free, comprehensive customization app for Android devices. Its functionalities grant you access to a wide array of content for adding a fresh spin to your phone. You can change your ringtone and notification sounds, download unique wallpapers, and even create new backgrounds using the sticker tools.

Customize your Android

Android customization is a hot topic. People often choose simple apps like Google’s Wallpapers app or a full-blown launcher like Nova to add style to their display to suit their preference. 

Zedge is another alternative in the same category. This app seeks to make customization a breeze, personalizing your smartphone display with downloadable notification alerts, ringtones, wallpapers, and stickers, all from a unified user interface.

Options within arm’s reach

When it comes to your display, Zedge features a massive selection of full HD and 4K backgrounds for you to choose, download, and use. There are also live wallpapers that play video effects when you turn on your home screen.

The app lets you add stickers to create a personalized background, which you can also share on social media and messaging apps. The sound section boasts music, funny tones, and audio effects. You can download them with one tap and set them up as your ringtone or notification alerts.

You don’t have to download everything you want to try out as soon as you see it. The ‘Favorite’ option lets you save the items you like in a folder for easy access.

Interface issues

This app is easy to use. It would have a slick, straightforward interface were it not for the ads. You’ll see a banner at the bottom of the page while you’re browsing through the lists and thumbnail grids. However, they occasionally pop up to full-screen size.

Other than that, Zedge also offers custom icon packs for personalising your smartphone. All of this, make it a good one-stop-shop for all your customization needs.

Our take

Overall, Zedge has some great features, but the execution needs a lot of improvement. The ads are its most significant disadvantage, as they downright block you from using your device at times.

Should you download it?

No. While Zedge boosts convenience by packing several functionalities into one app, you’ll find numerous alternatives that do a better job.


  • Multiple customization tools
  • Straightforward usage
  • A massive catalog of options


  • Ad-cluttered interface
  • No icon packs

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Zedgefor Android


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