Microsoft .NET Frameworkfor Windows



Licenced developer platform

Microsoft .NET Framework is a licensed platform for developing games, software, and web applications. It's also a requirement for some programs to run, as this framework is installed automatically on your Windows computer. The platform has a large community and support base across devices and operating systems such as Windows and Android.

Frequently used framework

Microsoft .NET Framework is a commonly-used platform for developing applications and games for the Windows operating system. Since this platform is often used by other software, any service you create will likely work on Windows and Android operating systems.

Game development

Microsoft .NET Framework is an excellent platform for developing computer games. However, any title you create will need this framework installed on the computer before launching. There’s no limit to what you can create using the platform, as both 2D and 3D models work with ease. 

Cross-platform design

Currently, Microsoft .NET Framework supports development for Windows 7 to Windows 10, Android, and macOS. This program allows you to reach the largest possible audience for any project. As the .NET ecosystem functions on various operating systems, you can also create services for Linux.

Build web applications

Web services you build are supported on almost all operating systems, from Windows to macOS. Creating apps requires the use of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and C#. The .NET Framework provides communication between the server and the client while all in real-time.

Ask the community

While developing an application, reaching out to the online community is a great way to solve any issues you may encounter. The framework is used in all types of companies and at varying degrees of levels. This variety allows the community to come together and solve issues together online.

Our take

Microsoft .NET Framework is an excellent tool for developing applications. This platform is also recommended to have installed for many games and apps. If you dislike the development service from .NET, Magic XPA Application Platform, and Apache Web Server are great alternatives.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you plan on making software or publishing web-based applications, installing and using the Microsoft .NET Framework is a smart choice.


  • Build web apps
  • Useful for game development
  • Works on mobile and desktop applications
  • Large community


  • Licensing cost is expensive compared to competitors

Program available in other languages

Microsoft .NET Frameworkfor Windows


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