Cinebenchfor Windows


Evaluate your device performance

Cinebench tests your computer’s performance and gives you a benchmark to see how well your machine operates. System builders, programmers, or professional gamers can use Cinebench to make better purchasing decisions.

Evaluate and compare

Cinebench automatically detects your system and all of its hardware and organizes all the data in a simple chart.

Evaluate your device performance in all aspects. The software analyzes your CPU and OpenGL and creates a benchmark on how smooth they run. Your results get compared to the best hardware in the market. Cinebench gives you a ranking of your system based on the test, so you get an idea of how good your computer is versus the standards.

This information sometimes eludes users due to them having purchased the device only for simple operations. It finds the necessary data on your machine and tells you how powerful and useful it is in its current condition.

Test your graphics performance using the OpenGL feature. The test scene provided in Cinebench complies to your computer’s resolutions. This ensures that the benchmark you get is accurate. The process checks and analyzes all the heavy-duty functions of your graphic cards and also makes sure they are up to date.

Receive a score for your system after each test. The software ranks your score to give you an overall standing of your machine. Cinebench does this to give you recommendations of which part of your CPU you need to update, or which hardware is the best next purchase. Save your results and share them on the Maxon website.

Where can you run this program?

Cinebench runs on Windows 7 and later, Intel or AMD processors with at least 4GB RAM. macOS 10 or higher with 4GB RAM and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Cinebench evaluates every aspect of your device performance with maximum intensity. You can try similar benchmark software such as PassMark or Speccy. These analyze your computer in lesser details but are also free to use.

Our take

Cinebench provides users with a deeper insight into what they are actually using, and show them things they may not have tried to utilize. Knowing what your computer can or cannot do is certainly helpful.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download it for free and gain more knowledge on your devices.


  • Complex test scene
  • Multi core rendering
  • Accurate benchmark
  • Simple interface
  • Free to use


  • No GPU performance test
  • Requires heavy RAM
  • Requires hardware knowledge

Cinebenchfor Windows

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