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Ludo game is a classic mind game

Ludo is an ancient game dating back to Kashmir in the 6th century. This classic mind game has tapped into something timeless and universal so the proof of concept for this game is about as big as it can be. Ludo Game is a board game which can be played by the whole family (and friends). You can have up to four players and, in this version, you use a computerized die. The game has been made in 3D to make it feel more real. While much of the game depends on luck, there is also an element of skill. You can either play online against people all round the world or offline with your family and friends.

Ludo Game for all ages and abilities

Ludo Game has turned something classic into something contemporary

Ludo is popular game amongst the whole family, from young children right up to the elderly. It seems like a no-brainer, therefore, to turn into a computer game. Ludo Game comes with all the necessary features to run this game. You can play against a computer offline or with friends offline. This is known as local multiplayer. Alternatively you can play online with people from all around the world.

You need anywhere between two and four players to play the game. Each player will be one of the following four colors: green, blue, yellow or red. You begin the game with your piece in the starting square which corresponds to your color and then a die (just one) is thrown to determine the order of play. Ludo Game generally follows the same rules as the original board game but with one huge twist: you can place bets.

Other extra features with Ludo Game include classic and quick mode, the ability to undo and re-roll your dice when you take full control of your own game. You can chat online to the people you’re playing against. Get daily prizes with a spin wheel, earn coins when you win games: the more you win the more you earn!

Where can you run this program?

Ludo Game requires an operating system of Android 4.2 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

If you’re looking just to play Ludo then there are lots of options out there including Ludo King, 4J Ludo and various other games websites offering their own versions. Ludo Game has a few flaws such as a need for a sound and settings update. Ultimately however, which one you prefer will depend on the way they differentiate themselves from the original and which of those appeals to you most. They are all free.

Our take

This is no doubt a classic game, universally loved but has Ludo 2020 Star Game done it justice or is it just not the same played on a computer? Essentially, yes, Ludo Game has ticked the necessary boxes in recreating the original game, though not without a few problems. The computer is a bit too good, for example. It’s additional features are a better judge of its quality and it scores well here, particularly if you are interested in spicing things up by betting money on your games.

Should you download it?

In a nutshell, if you like the idea of gambling while you play Lud then, yes, download this game. If not, then go for another!


  • Free
  • Ability to gamble
  • Lots of features


  • Needs sounds and settings update

Ludo Game : Ludo 2020 Star Gamefor Android


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