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Free mobile arcade table game

Ludo Club is a free arcade table platformer that features the classic board game, containing similar gameplay to Ludo King and Ludo Game. After you download the Android APK, you can choose between solo and online play. When you challenge your friends, winning will move you higher on the leaderboard.

The game applies the same principles as the classic game: throw the dice and move your color piece around the board. If you get it right, you can knock your opponents back to the start. Feel free to chat with the other player or send them funny emojis.

Various modes

While you’ll have the classic Ludo game, there are other modes to enjoy. There are online and offline versions, and you can win coins when you’re victorious. You’ll also find a ‘Lucky Dice' feature and a ‘Daily Bonus’, while you may come across special seasonal events.

Challenge your friends

The most fun takes place when you challenge your friends or join with them against other players. Ludo Club has a leaderboard that’s connected to your profile. As you win coin and fame, you will rise up if you’re score is higher than the others. 

Collect the dice

As another exciting feature, there are various types of dice you can collect. The stunning designs join the beautiful colors and visual effects. You’ll need to win matches and complete challenges to obtain the complete set of dice and show off to your friends.

Our take

Ludo Club is an exciting mobile version of the classic board game that many gamers will enjoy. While it may become tedious to play after a while, many love receiving rewards and collecting unique dices. It also helps that the colors and effects are crisp and clear and add to the pleasurable experience.

Should I download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a fan of Ludo and joining friends in online challenges. In the end, the only aspects that may keep you going are the rewards and leaderboard, but you’ll also love it if you’re looking for a casual game.


  • Online and offline challenges
  • Play with your friends
  • Collect various dice
  • Colorful graphics
  • Classic game remastere


  • Gameplay becomes dull after a while

Program available in other languages

Ludo Clubfor Android


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