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Go for the big leagues

YAHTZEE® With Buddies is a free-to-play multiplayer app that features the popular dice game, sometimes known as Yatzy. You can either play against unique AI, friends, or strangers. You can even compete in a tournament.

Fight for glory

The more interconnected our world gets, the more we will game with each other over the internet. YAHTZEE With Buddies is a decent title that brings people together despite some downsides.

What separates this title from other options like Yatzy and Yachty Free is the heavy emphasis on playing with others. It has a ranking system devoted to people fighting their way up to be with the best of the best. You can even earn dice along the way to show off your prowess.

You can also chat with friends while playing. In challenges, you'll have the chance to earn special dice. However, it does lack an offline side-by-side play mode found in other alternatives. The main problem with YAHTZEE with Buddies is that it is a bit too much.

Because it’s overloaded with features, the game lags and freezes regularly. Also, ads appear between game turns, slowing down game sessions significantly.

Where can you run this program?

You can play it on Android 4.4 and onwards.

Is there a better alternative?

No, if you are looking for an abundance of features and tournaments, Yatzy and Yachty don’t compare to YAHTZEE. However, if you want a normal playing experience that moves smoothly, the other two are better dice games.

Our take

While YAHTZEE With Buddies has some problems with the slow gameplay and glitchy system, its unique features make up for the lot. You can personalize your playstyle and compete successfully with people around the world and get ranked.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to play competitively in Yahtzee, this app is right for you.


  • Chat with friends
  • Tournaments
  • Special dice


  • Slow experience
  • Frequent freezing

YAHTZEE® With Buddiesfor Android


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