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Ludo King: Classic board game with modern features

Ludo King is a popular mobile game. Ludo is one of the oldest board games in existence, making it the ideal subject for a mobile game. The game takes the core premise of the original game and gives it an online multiplayer spin.

Ludo King is based on the Indian game “parchisi”

Although Ludo is credited as being a British game, it’s based on the traditional Indian game of parchisi. Both games are public domain, meaning anyone can make their own version. 

Indian developer Gametion Technologies has jumped on the game bandwagon alongside other notable apps, such as Ludo Master and Ludo Game: Ludo 2020 Star Game. Ludo King outperforms those, however, by incorporating various multiplayer options.

How to play Ludo King

Players pick a color (red, green, blue, or yellow, with orange and purple available if there are five or six players) and start in a preset corner or edge of the board. They then take turns rolling a dice to move their piece. The aim is to get all four colored pieces around the board and into the central triangle first.

Ludo, and therefore Ludo King, is easy to pick up and play. The app caters to local pass-and-play multiplayer, as well as competitions against people from all over the world. There’s also built-in voice chat, a player leveling system, and Facebook integration. 


Since Ludo King relies on (virtual) dice rolls, there’s an emphasis on RNG (random number generation). On one hand, this means the game is entirely reliant on luck. On the other hand, it also means that it can seem unfair if a player keeps ‘rolling’ low numbers. Ultimately, the inclusion of RNG means Ludo King provides equal chances to all players to score a six (which grants a free turn). RNG also means no two games play the same way.

Ludo King Features

Now that we know how to play Ludo King, let’s take a look at some of its popular features:

Quick Mode: Jump right in

Want to start playing without waiting? Ludo King's Quick Mode lets you dive into the game instantly. It's perfect for those times when you want to have fun right away.

Tournament Mode: Compete for the crown

If you like a challenge, try the Tournament Mode. Compete with others and see if you can be the ultimate Ludo King. It's a bit more serious, but the victory is worth it!

Voice Chat: talk while you play

Ludo King isn't just about moving pieces – it's about connecting with friends. Use Voice Chat to talk to your buddies while you play. It's like being in the same room, even if you're far away.

Live Themes: Make it look cool

Make your game visually exciting with Live Themes. Ludo King offers different themes that add a cool look to your gaming experience. It's like changing the background of your game.

Real Chat: Chat with friends

Ludo King isn't only about the game; you can also chat with your friends while you play. Share your thoughts, discuss strategies, and make the game even more fun.

Worldwide network

Meet new friends from all over the world with Ludo King. Play games with people from different places and make new buddies. It's a great way to connect with others who love playing Ludo.

Challenge Facebook friends

Challenge your friends on Facebook to a game of Ludo. Create a private room, invite your friends, and see who's the best Ludo player in your group.

Save/Load Game: No interruptions

Don't worry about losing your game progress. With Ludo King, you can save your game and continue playing whenever you want. It's like bookmarking your game.

User-friendly look

Ludo King has an easy-to-use look. The game looks better, and it's easier to find what you need. It's like making the game more user-friendly.

Works on low-end devices

Even if you don't have a fancy device, you can still play Ludo King. It works on devices that aren't super high-tech, so more people can enjoy the game.

Some of the latest Ludo King themes

Make your Ludo game more fun with cool themes. Choose from different themes like Disco/Night Mode, Nature, Egypt, and more. It's like giving your game a personal touch. Here are some of the latest themes:

  • Disco/Night Mode
  • Nature
  • Egypt
  • Pinball
  • Candy
  • Christmas
  • Penguin
  • Battle
  • Diwali
  • Pirate
  • Sui Dhaaga
  • Marble
  • Alien
  • Octopus
  • Taj Mahal

Ludo King is not just a game; it's a journey through time and strategy. Enjoy the fun of an ancient game in a modern way, and maybe you'll become the next Ludo King!

Our take

Ludo King is free to download, with the option to buy/unlock in-app coins/diamonds for additional game themes. The wealth of multiplayer features is impressive, and you can also play against the computer. If you’re after a competitive adaption of a classic board game, Ludo King is for you.

Should you download it?

Yes. There are ads, but you can remove them with a small, one-time purchase.


  • Multiple board themes
  • Ability to save and load a game
  • Includes Snakes and Ladders as a free game


  • RNG may put off some players
  • Ads are annoying and intrusive

Program available in other languages

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