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A classic board game is now online

Parchisi STAR is a free online multiplayer board game for Android. The game involves 2 pairs of dice, with each player holding four tokens. You can win the game by leading all your tokens to the center before the rest of the players. Two to four players can play together and send texts and emoticons to others to keep the game fun and exciting. The app lets users unlock daily achievements and is also available for download on iOS devices.

The game of Parchisi

Get your friends on board to play the world’s most popular strategy game!

Adapted from the Indian board game Ludo, Parchisi is known by different names across the world. In Spain, the board game is called Parchis and belongs to the Cross and Circle family. Gamesberry has developed the Parchisi STAR online game for Android and iOS users, so they can play and take a trip down memory lane!

Strategic gameplay

The game consists of 68 spaces spread across the edges of the board. Twelve of these spaces are darkened and used as rest-stops, where tokens are safe from the attack of opponents. All players get 4 tokens, each of which has to go from the home block to the center without getting thrown back.

When playing online, users get three options. One option starts random gameplay with strangers, while the other lets users select the type of game they want to play, such as 4 player, team, or offline. With the third option, players can create their table and invite their friends and family members using a generated code.

Multiple features

Users from around the world can download the game and play for free. Moreover, they can unlock over 50,000 coins via the ‘Daily Magic Chest’ feature. The board game can be played in different formats, like Classic and Spanish, and users can invite others to play in a private game room.

The game also offers chat and emoticon functionality, which allows players to chat while they are playing. It’s a fun way to cheer your partner or laugh at your opponent's mistake! The game is designed for both tablets and smartphones, making it easier for anyone to join in.

Where can you run this program?

Users can download and play this game on their Android and iOS devices. While the game isn’t available for Windows or Mac operating systems, PS users can download the BlueStacks emulator to play Parchisi STAR on their computers.

Is there a better alternative?

The online multiplayer game is quite popular among many users. However, if you’re looking for an alternative, you can check out Ludo STAR, which is also developed by the same company. Other few alternative online board games that you can play are Backgammon - Lord of the Board and Monopoly.

Our take

Parchisi STAR online has all the features of the classic board game! Apart from keeping intact the gameplay, the app also allows users to play a quick game in twos or select the classic version and spend a good amount of time beating their opponents.

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a fun way to catch up with old friends and family members, you should download the game and send everyone an invite to play!


  • Free to download and play
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Follows the original gameplay


  • Players can run out of coins

Parchisi STAR Onlinefor Android


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