IntelliJ IDEAfor Windows



If you are part of the Java coding community, you need to know about this IDE. IntelliJ IDEA is packed full of features for developers. The interface is easy to use, and can save hours for developers when utilized correctly.

Best IDE on the market

IntelliJ IDEA allows you to take a deeper view of your code

The interface on this software is excellent. It makes developing much more pleasurable. It may be a simple thing, but when you’re working on a project for many hours at a time, this matters. It also helps save your time.

IntelliJ IDEA provides developers with key insights through its method of analysis. You can find connections between symbols across project files and coding languages. This information gives you coding assistance through the program. Its navigation is lightning fast and will provide you with root cause analysis in an instant.

The program boasts a smart completion feature which learns as you code. It turns the most frequent sequences into packages that you can access with a click. You can, and will, save hours with this function. Chain completion is a similar feature that digs a little deeper. With a simple command, this gives you applicable symbols intuitive to the current context, via methods or getters.

The biggest plus with IntelliJ is its focus on ergonomics. This really helps developers with productivity. The keyboard shortcuts available cover everything you need. Developers will find they can stay “in the zone” without distraction for much longer.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on Windows 7 or later, Mac OS, and Linux. There have been some bugs reported when using it on Macbooks.

Is there a better alternative?

No, IntelliJ beats the competition when it comes to development and functionality. Eclipse doesn’t come close for so many reasons; namely because of the cost and commercial nature of IntelliJ.

Our take

IntelliJ IDEA has so many advantages for developers. It is key to performance, and productivity. There is something here for every web developer, and coder.

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download it. IntelliJ sets the bar high for other IDE programs. Although the full version is expensive, it is a worthwhile investment.

IntelliJ IDEAfor Windows


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