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Simple transfer to LG electronics

LG is one of the best brands for Android OS devices, but switching means that you have to transfer files or lose them. With the LG Mobile Switch app, the choice is obvious.

Easy and quick

LG Mobile Switch lets you transfer data from an old mobile device to a new LG phone with ease.

LG Mobile Switch helps users move data from their old phones to new LG models. The app covers all the types of data from your old phone, excluding LG backup on the cloud.

You can transfer data through a USB or wirelessly using WiFi. Either way, all you need is the two devices side by side. Once there, the user-friendly interface will guide your transfer.

Extraction is quick. You'll have to remember to restart your new device afterward so you can begin enjoying all your files once again. 

The list of items you can transfer using this app includes media like photos, music, and videos, as well as documents and apps. It also covers your call log, text messages, calendar entries, and voice memos.

Where can you run this program?

LG Mobile Switch will require an Android device version 4.1 and up, as well as a new LG mobile, either G3 or NOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. If you have connectivity issues with LG Mobile Switch, MobileTrans has the same functions, works across platforms, and has a superior security system.

Our take

LG Mobile Switch is efficient and comprehensive in what it can do for you. It facilitates the work you’d otherwise have to do manually.

Should you download it?

Yes.  You’ll need it if you have an old Android mobile and you want to transfer your photos, messages, music, apps, and more to a new LG device.


  • Efficient
  • Works with various data types
  • Easy to use
  • Quick


  • Doesn’t transfer cloud data

LG Mobile Switchfor Android


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