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LC ISO Creator: Copy your CDs and DVDs into ISOs

LC ISO Creator is a tool that helps you make a copy of your CDs or DVDs into a single file, called an ISO image. This file is like a digital twin of your disc, holding everything that was on it. You can use it on your Windows PC.

What does LC ISO Creator do and what are its features?

LC ISO Creator is a straightforward tool that does one thing really well: it creates an ISO image from your CD or DVD. Think of an ISO image as a box that holds everything from a disc, so you can open it up and use it later, even without the disc itself.

Here’s what makes LC ISO Creator cool:

  • It’s Portable: You don’t need to install it. You can run it directly from a USB stick on any Windows computer, which is super handy when you’re not on your own computer.
  • Super Easy to Use: All you need to do is pick the CD/DVD you want to copy and click "Create ISO". There’s nothing complicated to figure out, which makes it perfect for everyone.
  • Great for Keeping Things Safe: It’s perfect for making sure you don’t lose the stuff on your CDs or DVDs. You can make a backup copy that’s easy to store and find later.
  • Works with Windows: It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you have; this tool will work just fine.

Obviously, this is not the only software that can create an ISO file. Actually, it is pretty old and there are newer versions. Don’t forget to check out Power ISO, ISO Image Creator, and Free Create-Burn ISO.

How do I create an ISO file using LC ISO Creator?

Using LC ISO Creator is very easy and straightforward. You don’t have to deal with any tech difficulties. Here’s what you do:

  • Start the Program: Just open LC ISO Creator. No need to install anything.
  • Pick Your Drive: Choose the CD/DVD drive that has the disc you want to copy from a dropdown menu.
  • Click to Create: Hit the "Create ISO" button, and the program will start making an ISO file out of your disc.

LC ISO Creator is a gem for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to back up their discs. It’s so simple that anyone can use it, and it does exactly what you need without any complications


  • Very easy to use, just a few clicks


  • Outdated

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LC ISO Creatorfor Windows


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