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KeyNote is a free notetaking software that lets you write organized notes. The notebook application is not to be confused with the presentation app by Apple which is also called Keynote. The developers of KeyNote are Marek Jedliński and Tranglos Software. KeyNote is a dated program that can be replaced by more modern alternatives due to its limitations. 

While KeyNote is only available for Microsoft Windows PC devices, Evernote is a note-taking app that syncs your data across multiple operating systems. Microsoft OneNote is another cross-platform tool. Both applications let you include images in your notes.

What is KeyNote?

KeyNote is a simple tool to use while you take notes. Since KeyNote is not filled with features, the user interface is intuitive to use. While KeyNote is a software, the experience does not feel far from using a pen and paper. The simplistic nature makes KeyNote easy to use.


The user interface is made of the basic Microsoft Windows design components. A title bar will let you know the software version number that you are using. The menu bar includes tabs with menus to explore. The toolbar is filled with icons that let you develop your notes.

A standard formatting bar is available with dropdown menus that let you choose your font types and sizes. You can bold, italicize, and underline the text that you type. Bulleted and numbered lists are available to add. The tabbed portion of the UI clearly shows you the notes you have created.

The tree panel is on the left portion of the screen, while the editor area is on the right side. You can drag and drop the divider to resize the sections. A styles list and status bar are featured at the bottom of the window. KeyNote lets you add plugins. You can send your notes in an email directly from KeyNote.

KeyNote is an open-source platform. You can use the source code within the terms of the Mozilla Public License. KeyNote is safe to use. You can make sure that KeyNote is trustworthy by reviewing the source code. You also have the option to encrypt your content with Blowfish and Idea.

What is KeyNote used for?

KeyNote is used for managing your writing in a tabbed user interface. Each window is a KeyNote file. Your files can include one or multiple notes. The notes will appear in the UI as tabs. You can name new notes or rename existing tabs. KeyNote lets you add another dimension with a Tree panel.

You can choose from two types of designs when creating new notes. Both the ‘Standard Rich text editor’ and ‘Multi-level tree’ options are available. The classic Rich Text Format will only include the editor panel that lets you type. The Mult-level tree selection includes both the editor and tree panel where each tree is made of a hierarchy of nodes.

The hierarchical tree shows the connections between the categories. The trees are highly customizable. You can add a large list of sections to the tree. Child nodes can be added to the parent nodes. Even more, sub nodes can be added to the subcategories. You can expand and minimize the nodes by clicking on the addition and subtraction signs beside the titles.

Each of the segments in the tree can be labeled. You can easily organize a large amount of information into both the tabbed notes and included nodes. You can type formatted and regular text into the editor area. The tool lets you paste links to files.

Is there a PC version of KeyNote?

KeyNote is made for Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. However, the developers do not update KeyNote anymore. You can find KeyNote presentations online that show you how to use the program. KeyNote is free to download and install on your PC.

Our take

KeyNote is a freeware that will take you back to the basics with its simplistic design. You can use KeyNote without distractions since the user interface is straightforward. Technology has advanced a lot since the latest release of KeyNote. In addition to no app updates from the developer, KeyNote has decreased in popularity since apps today are expected to be cross-platform and sync across devices.

Should you download it?

It depends. If you are looking for a basic note-taking application then give the free download KeyNote a try. The classic user experience lets you get work done and you will not be tempted with appealing buttons and designs. You can focus on the tasks at hand with KeyNote.


  • Easy to use
  • Tree-type lists
  • Distraction-free environment
  • Customizable user experience


  • Not receiving updates
  • Does not sync across devices

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

KeyNotefor Windows


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