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Organization at your fingertips

This multi-tabbed digital notebook is an easy, simple and nostalgic way to keep your lists and make new ones whenever the need arises. There are many uses for this tiny program.

Listing the lists

Organize yourself and get control of your life with this open-source software design to create the perfect lists.

KeyNote is a handy piece of software designed to make taking notes and creating lists as easy and convenient as possible. Tanglos Software developed it, but development has taken a slower pace. Since then, a newer version dubbed KeyNote NF, has had more attention. However, there are plenty of reasons to stick to this program, as you can still make the most of it.

With this program you can create as many lists as you’d like. There are multiple tabs to give you access to more than one list at the same time. Combining this with the wide variety of macros available, you’ll easily switch between lists and operate at a higher productivity than before.

The content you write in KeyNote is encrypted to ensure that no unwanted users can access your information. However, the software uses limited security measures, and because of this, the encryption won’t prevent hackers or any others that have a high level of technical knowledge. There are many tools available to decrypt files with a few clicks of your mouse.

Because of many limitations, this software is mostly used on older computers. There is very little support available for any issues you may find, aside from answers available on the internet. The software also function well on modern computers.

Where can you run this program?

KeyNote runs on Windows 2000 and newer systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. KeyNote - NF includes new features such as alarm reminders on nodes of your list.

Our take

This program has a simple interface and is easy to navigate and use. Also, KeyNote is great if you still use an older machine. Otherwise, you should find other alternatives that provide more features.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re looking for tons of features and a program that has consistent and relevant updates, look elsewhere.


  • Can save multiple lists
  • Data encryption
  • Many macros available


  • Average customer support
  • Infrequent updates
  • Hackers can easily access information

KeyNotefor Windows


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