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PDF reader and editor

iLovePDF is a full-featured suite that contains a free reader and paid tools for manipulating your documents. The straightforward interface lets you compress, edit, merge, and split PDFs. You can also convert PDF files into various formats using this program, making it excellent for multiple purposes.

PDF reading and management

PDFs are among the most widely-used formats worldwide, and many alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC are popping up to facilitate file management. iLovePDF is one of those, a lightweight program that features a surprisingly robust set of file management options

You get access to a PDF reader, letting you preview, browse through, and print your files. Other options include compressing files to optimize storage space, splitting large PDFs into smaller chunks, merging multiple shorter files into one, and extracting pages. 

The editing tools let you remove pages, add page numbers and watermarks, and rotate elements.

Finally, the converter transforms PDF files into numerous other formats, including Word, Excel, JPG, and Powerpoint. There’s also an option of turning image files from PNG, TIFF, or JPG into PDFs.

Security and convenience

iLovePDF is a highly secure desktop app. There’s end-to-end encryption and a PDF protection option to ensure privacy.

While you’re editing your files, you can remove the password. All processing happens locally and offline, safeguarding you against unauthorized access.

Free and paid features

Unlike apps like Alter PDF and PDF Candy, this one severely limits your free options. You can use it for free, but the only features available without paying are those for viewing, reading, and printing your PDF files. All editing tools are limited to premium users who can purchase monthly or annual memberships. 

Our take

Overall, iLovePDF is an excellent program for taking care of all your PDF-related needs, especially for businesses. It’s a shame that so few options are available in the free version, though.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you regularly handle many PDF files and need a tool to help you manage them. However, if you’d rarely use it, there are more budget-friendly alternatives.


  • A powerful bundle of tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Handy conversion options
  • Includes security guarantees


  • Few options available in the free version

ILovePDFfor Windows


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