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Comprehensive PDF tool for PCs

iLovePDF is a PDF management software with a complete suite of tools. You can use iLovePDF to secure, organize, optimize, edit, and convert to and from PDF documents. iLovePDF is free to use on the website platform. You can use the lightweight application when you purchase the premium version.

Smallpdf is an alternative to iLovePDF that lets you use over 20 PDF controls for free. You can upgrade to the premium packages with both apps. Adobe Acrobat DC is the industry standard PDF tool. Since Adobe is the original creator of the PDF file, Acrobat DC continually proves to be the most innovative PDF manager.

Is it safe to use iLovePDF?

iLovePDF values security. Each of the subscription packages includes a secure HTTPS connection. You will have an ISO27001 certified account with any of the plans, including the free version. Only the professional membership involves a dedicated software. iLovePDF uses end-to-end encryption to conceal your confidential information.

Your PDFs will not be viewed by anyone but yourself but your files are stored in the iLovePDF servers. However, the documents are automatically removed from the servers after a certain period of time. The platform complies with the strict GDPR rules.

Can we convert PDF to JPG?

iLovePDF works as a PDF converter. You can convert file types to and from the PDF format. iLovePDF lets you change multiple file formats, and PDFs and JPG images can be transformed back and forth. Excel, PowerPoint, and Word extensions are available to manipulate. You can convert an HTML to a PDF file as well. Additionally, a PDF document can become a PDF/A with the paid versions.

Microsoft extensions

The Microsoft Office 365 Suite extensions can be especially convenient for professional purposes. You will get the standard PDF images when you convert Office 365 documents to PDFs allowing you to transform PDF files into Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents.

iLovePDF makes migrating info easy. You can conveniently edit your converted PDF to Word document in the Microsoft app. Data can be transferred from PDFs directly into Excel spreadsheets for you to edit. A PowerPoint presentation can be quickly populated with PDF info to use. The HTML conversion lets you create PDFs of websites by copying and pasting the URLs into iLovePDF.

Other features

The PDF to PDF/A feature lets you archive your file for longer periods of time. You can also annotate PDF forms. Annotations, images, shapes, and text are available to add directly to the PDFs. You can change the colors, fonts, and sizes in the user interface.

Page numbers can be added to the PDFs, deciding the positions and styles of the numbers. A watermark feature is available to let you stamp your document. You can adjust the transparency of the stamp. The Rotate PDF setting lets you turn one or multiple PDFs at the same time.

The compression tool lets you reduce the sizes of files. You can compress PDFs to save space and improve the quality of the images. iLovePDF fixes corrupted PDF documents with the repair feature. 

Organize your PDFs

The PDF editor lets you organize your files by merging PDF documents together and split PDF docs into separate PDF pages. With the editing tools of the app, you can rearrange the page number orders, and can add, extract, or remove pages from the forms.

Secure your PDFs

A suite of security settings is available too. While the Protect PDF command lets you secure your forms with a password, the Unlock PDF option will remove the passcode

iLovePDF also comes with an e-signing feature that you access on your desktop.  With the premium plans of the app, you can also request electronic signatures for your documents.

Our take

iLovePDF delivers the best level of ease to editing PDF files. The document management tool is more than a PDF reader. You can edit PDF forms on both the website and application. The app is also cross-platform, available on Mac and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems, and also on mobile phones and tablets for Android and iOS devices.

Should you download it?

If you value convenience, then download iLovePDF. While the free PDF platform is available on the iLovePDF website, the app delivers a more user-friendly user experience with more features. However, certain conversion and e-signature features that are available in the app are not available in the web version.


  • Secure
  • Lightweight
  • Cross platform
  • Full PDF editing suite
  • Multiple conversion features


  • Website is not as user friendly as the app

Program available in other languages

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