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Make your tasks in JavaScript easier!

Most websites you visit every day through the Internet are supported and run by a certain web process involving JavaScript. This programming language is used by hundreds of companies, popular or not, in one way or another. The majority of these modern websites uses jQuery as a centralized library of commands which functions as a handler of tasks commonly managed within JavaScript. Since its release, its popularity has skyrocketed to the top of its competitors which made it the most widely deployed JavaScript library by a large margin in comparison with its similar counterparts. It is a free, open-source software commonly used to utilize JavaScript easier and faster.

The most trusted and installed software for JavaScript library

There’s no doubt that as simple as the software presents itself, it’s still a (relatively) fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library.

You’ll have to be familiarized with JavaScript’s syntax, structure, and basic functions first in order to use the software. JavaScript is the programming language used in adding interactivity to different websites. While jQuery is a library of pre-built JavaScript functions specially designed to simplify HTML Document Object Model (DOM) tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax. Since it’s free and open-source in nature, its popularity rises as it is currently being used by millions of websites around the globe. This fact indicates that this software is the most trusted JavaScript library in comparison with its other similar counterparts. Once you grasp the basic concept of JavaScript, you can easily improve your proficiency in controlling the commands and features within the software.

Scripts and codes will NOT break your bones

Although everything you can do within the software can be done with JavaScript, it doesn’t mean that there’s no use in mastering it. The software can make you accomplish various complicated things in JavaScript easier, faster, and better. There are also a lot of advantages you can experience while using the software. Here’s a rundown:

Separation of scripting and HTML - Although you can write scripts directly into HTML documents, the software encourages you to maintain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript separately. It can provide simple syntax you can use in adding event handlers dynamically through JavaScript. This function allows for the complete separation of your scripts from the HTML document.

Write shorter and clearer scripts - Since the software is designed for brevity, coding your scripts using it will typically just take a shorter time and will produce a clearer style in comparison with other similar software.

Elimination of cross-browser inconsistency - The software is specially developed to handle cross-browser differences (as well as similarities) which can provide a consistent experience across browsers.

Extensible in nature - You can easily supplement the software with new elements, events, and methods with ease. Once these new items are added to the local jQuery library, they can be easily reused across different websites as additional plugins.

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The software’s syntax is designed to make it easier to do various significant things including navigating a document, selecting DOM elements, creating animations, handling events, and developing Ajax applications. If you have something specific in mind you want to try out with the software, you will have no problem in looking for a certain feature that will satisfy both of your curiosity and satisfaction. It also provides capabilities for developers to create and add plug-ins on top of the JavaScript library which will enable you to create abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced and high-level effects, and also themeable widgets. Its own library’s modular approach is also best used in creating powerful dynamic web pages and web applications.

Where can you run this program?

To get started writing with the software, all you need to have is a web browser, a text editor, and a copy of jQuery. While any web browser will do, it is recommended to use the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for a better (and faster) experience. Although you also have to test your code in multiple browsers other than the ones mentioned already. For a great text editor, you can try to use the popular ones such as Atom, TextMate (for Mac)), Notepad ++ (for Windows), and Brackets. You can also explore other related software plugins including jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile for more functionalities. jQuery UI can be used to power one to two facets of a website while jQuery Mobile is designed to be an all-or-nothing solution for touch-based responsive websites and apps.

Is there a better alternative?

All the power found within the software can be accessed only through JavaScript. While all the basic functions and features you can explore within the software are also found in the latter. So what’s really the difference between the two? And why would you bother to master the software once you have JavaScript? Well, the answer is simple. jQuery is not a mere copycat of JavaScript, but also a reliable, fast, and efficient alternative that serves many purposes for an easier and quicker way of accomplishing numerous tasks involving your projects such as toggle and trigger. The software’s toggle ( ) method includes many built-in options that make it easy to produce powerful effects that would be very hard to duplicate by using JavaScript. Another task that the software makes undoubtedly easier is to trigger an event handler even if the actual event hasn’t yet transpired. It’s easy to use the trigger ( ) event handler within the software since its method is very straightforward. These are only a few reasons which make the software the best library for JavaScript. The two software have an undeniable perfect relation which will make the process of writing scripts easier and better than you’ve ever imagined.

Our take

There’s no doubt that as simple as the software presents itself, it’s still a (relatively) fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It has changed the process of writing scripts in a more efficient and better way. The software is updated continuously with the help of its developers and thousands of contributors, giving you more functions to explore. More importantly, it saves you from the hassle of cross-browser inconsistencies and the old-fashioned way of writing scripts directly into HTML documents. Overall, the software is a significant addition to your web developer’s/designer’s skills and toolbox.

Should you download it?

Yes. Since the software has a lot of features and plugins to explore and utilize to your projects without giving you the headache of monthly subscription rates. It is highly recommended for JavaScript users to use this as your main library which can handle your tasks efficiently. Your safety and privacy are also guaranteed as it is the most trusted brand of conglomerate brands such as Microsoft and Nokia.


  • Free download available
  • Ability to maintain cross-browser consistency
  • Separates scripting from HTML
  • Different plugins available
  • Tutorials through e-books and interactive courses available online


  • Need to master JavaScript first in order to utilize the software
  • Slower in comparison with its competitors
  • Outdated interface style

Jquery Uifor Windows


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