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Free media player for macOS

IINA is a free media player developed for the macOS with a post-Yosemite design in mind. You can play local or online music or videos, integrated with a Picture-in-Picture mode that sets it apart from apps like VLC, QuickTime, and MPV. The System Media Control function lets you customize most of the tools or share reports of any issues.

There’s support for browser functionality via extensions where you can play online playlists. With the open-source Swift programming language, IINA is expected to remain free until further notice. It’s available in 20 languages thanks to native translators.

IINA key features

The free media player has plenty of features that make it stand out from the competitors. It strives to surpass the marvels of modern technology, integrating tools like Touch Bar, Force Touch, and Picture-in-Picture mode

You can also activate trackpad and mouse gestures. If you’d like to add other functions, there’s a robust plug-in system with various selections.

Media variety

You won’t have to merely put up with listening to local music. It connects to the internet to access online songs and videos, or you can add it as an extension in your browser. IINA even lets you play any YouTube playlists you’ve saved in the media interface. 

Customizable interface 

The user interface is completely customizable, so feel free to make any changes to the appearance and functions. There’s also a dark mode with adjusted icons, themes, and textures. If you’re struggling to hear what the movie is saying, you can apply subtitles, even if it’s online.

Our take

IINA is a media player you’ll enjoy for your macOS, thanks to the variety of tools available. The open-source nature means that the developers are constantly updating it with new features. You can send a message to request the developers to create something you’d like to see in the app, as IINA is still in development.

Should I download it?

Yes, especially if you own a Mac device and are looking for a powerful media player with numerous customizable options. It has vast improvements over VLC, MPV, and QuickTime that are hard to ignore.


  • Variety of music options
  • Mouse and trackpad gestures
  • Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Support for browser extensions


  • Still in development

Program available in other languages

IINAfor Mac


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