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Producing music made easy

With Ableton, a professional grade software, make music to your ears and the entire world. Designed with you in mind, Ableton Live includes tutorials to get you started making music.

Make some noise

Ableton blends into your workflow, giving you the power to create music, mix and match it, or record audio sessions.

Pump up the rhythm as you create a track that will get even your mom movin' and groovin'. Ableton is one of the most inclusive programs out there for music creation.

You splice and stretch sounds available from the provided sound library with tons of clips to choose. Users will find a variety of instruments and sound effects. If you need more flexibility, record your own sounds right into the software. Ableton has two viewing options: arrangement mode and session mode. You can compose in comfort and style. Arrangement is the traditional timeline, where you stretch and cut your sounds to match. Session gives you the ability to play around with effects or add in new ones.

Mix and match

With all the real-time stretching, and other tools that you'll have, it's hard to use the software without any technical knowledge. Fortunately, the included tutorials and guides teach you everything you need to become a music master. You can control external hardware such as synths and drum machines. You can also use your gear to lay down MIDI tracks and play the notes with any of the virtual instruments included in.

Where can you run this program?

Ableton can run on any Windows 7 or newer and any Mac 10.11.6 or higher. Both of these must be 64-bit operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Ableton is a powerful tool with many features unmatched by similar programs that are both free and paid. Optional alternatives include Cubase and FL Studio.

Our take

Ableton is good software that caters to all your music production needs, from cutting and splicing sounds to recording them yourself.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you've got an inner musician, this is great software to learn quickly and compose the best beats right away.


  • Includes tutorials and guides
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multi-use software


  • Technical knowledge required
  • Layout can be confusing
  • Steep learning curve

Abletonfor Windows


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