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mSpy - Convenient monitoring tool

mSpy is a monitoring tool that helps you keep an eye on your loved ones or manage devices owned by your company. It's easy to use and comes with many helpful features, making it great for parents who want to watch over their children's online activities or businesses that need to keep track of their equipment. mSpy works well because it's user-friendly and ensures that your information stays private and safe on your Android device.

Key features of mSpy

mSpy is known for its helpful features that make monitoring easy and efficient:

  • Works on Many Devices: mSpy can be used on iOS, Android, and other common operating systems. It works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, so you can use all its features no matter what type of device you have.
  • Invisible Mode: mSpy runs quietly in the background without letting the person know it's there. This means you can monitor without any interruptions.
  • Monitoring Tools:
    • Track Location: See where the device is in real time.
    • Watch Social Media: Check messages and what they're doing on social sites.
    • Block Bad Content: Control what kind of content can be viewed to keep things safe.
  • Updates Often: mSpy sends you the latest updates every five minutes, so you always know what's happening. It also uses strong encryption to keep this data safe, making sure only you can see it.
  • Special Deals: When you sign up, you get a discount on your first purchase. There's also a Loyalty Program that gives you more offers and benefits, making mSpy a good deal.

Does mSpy actually work?

Yes, mSpy works well if you set it up the right way. It's made to work with both iPhones and Android phones. After you buy a subscription, they'll send you setup instructions by email. If you follow these steps, you'll have a monitoring system that works well on any device.

How to use mSpy

Using mSpy is straightforward and quick:

  • Create Your Free Account: Begin by entering your email on the mSpy website to get your account set up.
  • Choose Your Plan: There are different plans to fit your needs and budget. You can pick one that suits you best, whether it's for just one device or several.
  • Start Monitoring: After you pay, you can log in to your Control Panel to see all the information from the device you are monitoring. It's easy to use, so you can feel secure knowing everything is being looked after.

mSpy is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for anyone who needs to discreetly monitor devices.


  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • You can track locations


  • Not free and not very cheap

Program available in other languages

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