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Guardian angel in your pocket

Hollie Guard is an Android and iOS app that turns your phone into a safety device. This app lets you alert your emergency contacts whenever you are in trouble by sharing your geo-location.

Woman and child abuse

We’ve been fighting against woman and child abuse for so long. With apps like Hollie Guard, GWEN Alert, Aspire News App, Wickr, and others, you can stop it before it goes too far. If you need help or your life is in danger, you can use the app to share your location, add images or videos to let your emergency contacts know you’re in trouble. 

Hollie Guard history

After Hollie Gazzard, a 20-year-old hairdresser was murdered by her ex-boyfriend at her workplace, they created the Hollie Guard app. The Hollie Gazzard trust created the app to reduce domestic violence and other forms of abuse. 

Download and install the app

Download the app from a reliable source. Then, register your details in the Panic Guard (website), and upgrade by clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ button and enter your payment details. You can choose between three plans, including free and monthly. 

Next, you can start using the app by entering your details. This app doesn’t replace the police or any other emergency services. You still have to notify the authorities when you’re in trouble. 

Hollie Guard features

The app has three modes, each created to help you:

  • Personal Mode: This is an alarm that you can customize with a picture. If you shake your phone twice, it will generate a flashing light and a high-pitched beeping sound that draws attention to your situation.
  • Stealth Mode: This is a secret mode that raises an alert. Stealth Mode is an excellent feature if you don’t want your attacker to know that you raised an alert.
  • Deterred Mode: Your attacker will know that an alert went out, along with your location and evidence. Like Personal Mode, there will be a flashing light and high-pitched beeping sound when you shake your phone twice.

Our take

We all need that extra security in the world we live in, especially regarding abuse and safety. The initiative behind this app is impressive and can help someone in need. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you feel unsafe in a relationship, walking down the street on your own, or even meeting someone new, you should download the Hollie Guard app. 


  • Alerts friends and family of your whereabouts when you feel unsafe
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Three alert types to help your situation
  • Set timers for alerts to be sent when meeting someone new or traveling


  • You can use the free version for a limited time

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Hollie Guardfor iOS


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