SwiftKey Keyboard + Emojifor Android


A faster way to type

SwiftKey is a tool where you can input text on your phone faster and more intuitively. If you type a lot, whether it’s in messages, social media, or other apps, you can simply swipe across your keyboard and create words instead of typing out each individual letter.

Swipe and Type

SwiftKey adapts to your writing style and preferences in almost every way imaginable.

Once installed, this app can be used as your default keyboard wherever you are typing. It also learns from your typing style and adjusts accordingly. This makes typing faster, as the keyboard can accurately predict your next move.

You can adjust the size and positioning of the keyboard and some buttons, and add themes to change the appearance. Presentation changes are fantastic in this app. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from.

The customization for typing is limited, though. One of the biggest sticking points is the auto-spacing; you can’t turn off automatic spacing after punctuation, which can break your flow and requires time to go back and edit your text. Where other keyboard apps have an option to disable this, Swiftkey is stuck with it.

While the app does a good job of saving predictive data to improve your experience over time, the function to transfer this to a new phone doesn’t work. This forces you to provide input about your typing style again, when you change your device. Other options have a cloud-based save system to keep all of this information available. That way, when you change your phone, you have your typing history at the ready.

Where can you run this program?

SwiftKey requires Android 5.0 and above for use.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The swipe-to-type feature is not an exclusive feature with Swiftkey. Apps like Gboard have this and the option to transfer your data to a new device.

Our take

Despite the account transfer issues, SwiftKey is an intuitive and fast option for optimizing your typing. Its layout and customization are simple to adjust and change, except for one or two minor details.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an app that makes text input faster with tools and customization, this is a great choice.


  • Various themes
  • Predictive text makes typing faster
  • Smart suggestions


  • Auto spacing

Program available in other languages

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emojifor Android

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