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Create vector images

Adobe Illustrator Draw is an app that allows you to create images and artwork. It has a variety of brushes for you to achieve the effect that you want. You can also insert shapes and images to the canvas, which is designed for vector artists.

Graphic design and art

The opportunity to create stunning images makes Adobe Illustrator Draw a fun and expressive app to use, and the tools are simple but effective.

If you are a fan of digital drawing, the app offers a range of features and tools that will enable you to create the images you want. The canvases are resizable, and many of the tools are customizable too. Particularly the brushes, which you can taper, change the size, color and opacity, which allows you to create many different artworks.

You can zoom in up to 64 times to work on the tiniest details, which makes the app good for those who want to explore their creativity, and those who are producing detailed pieces of work. The vector drawing works well as there is a range of shapes that you can insert, including speech bubbles, if you like to work on comics. There are helpful learning sections for the app and the tools so beginners can spend some time discovering how it all works.

For those who like creating collages, Illustrator Draw also allows you to search for free stock images, and once you’ve found what you are looking for, you can insert them to your canvas. Although it doesn’t have the same capacity as the desktop Adobe programs, the various features in this app are enough to produce polished images.

Anyone who does use the Adobe CC programs can transfer their work from this app. That means you can work across different platforms; you could start some work in Illustrator Draw, and then send it to your desktop for final editing and sending. When zooming in and out, or saving images the app can lag, which means you need to wait some time between certain actions.

Where can you run this program?

This application requires iOS 11.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. For autosave and plenty of features and options, try Procreate.

Our take

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a great tool for amateur artists and creative professionals. It has some limitations but generally provides an enjoyable experience for creating vector art. There are enough features to create many different images on the canvas. This is supported by the shapes and stock images, which can be inserted. Thanks to the tutorials and the design of the app, it is easy to learn how to use.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you work with Adobe elsewhere, you’ll find it easy to use, and you can transfer your images.


  • Works across several platforms
  • Customizable tools
  • Search and use stock images
  • Full of features for vector drawing


  • App lags

Adobe Illustrator Drawfor iOS


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