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If you’ve ever had nostalgic thoughts about your old Sony Playstation 2, then look no further than PCSX2. It is an entirely free program that effectively replicates your console on your Mac computer, giving you access to all those old games we know and love.

Key Features

Several really cool features make this program stand out as an emulator. It can record your gameplay at the push of a button and in full HD. You can both decrease and increase the speed of the game by using the helpful frame-limiter. Some might call it cheating if you were to use this strategically, but we call it ‘thinking outside the box.’

Of course, if you want to cheat, you can do so using its PNACH patching system. You can make use of all these features and more while playing from the nostalgic immersion of your Xbox 360 controller or any other computer-compatible controller. 

It’ll be pretty hard to tear yourself away, but if you have to, don’t worry. You can quicksave almost anywhere, and with unlimited memory space, there’s absolutely nothing to stress over. 


The emulation software offers you custom resolutions leading up to a massive 4096x4096, and it offers texture filtering and anti-aliasing for a great gaming experience. The emulator also boasts an impressive graphics plugin called GSdx. 


After downloading the emulator, you’ll need to get the BIOS file from your PS2 console. You can research further on the PCSX2 website to learn how to do this. Afterward, you can simply download it, configure it, and insert your old PS2 game into your DVD ROM. Now you can enjoy your favorite PS2 games from your computer.

Our take

PCSX2 is a great emulator that adds to the Mac user’s experience. We’re impressed by the various key features such as quicksave and the game recorder. It compares well to other emulation software that we’ve reviewed.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a way to replay your favorite old games, this emulator is well worth the download.


  • Free
  • Record gameplay
  • Controller compatibility
  • Quicksave


  • Complicated installation

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

PCSX2for Mac


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