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Create and load Terraria mods with tModLoader

tModLoader is an API for the popular sandbox game Terraria. It allows you to easily create and load your own mods without needing to work with Terraria's source code. With this game utility, you can create mods that are compatible with other mods and play with multiple mods without worrying about compatibility issues.

Mod making is made easy with tModLoader. You don't need to work with Terraria's source code or study its intricacies. It saves you from the trouble of decompiling and recompiling Terraria.exe. You can also create standalone mods that work well with other mods.

tModLoader also saves worlds and players separately from vanilla worlds and players. You can port vanilla worlds and players into the app by simply copying over saved files. The modded content is saved separately, allowing you to port modded players and worlds back to vanilla.

To install tModLoader, make sure you have the vanilla game installed and run at least once. Download the files of the app version you want and locate your Terraria folder in your local files. Unblock the downloaded .zip files, extract its contents, and copy all of them to the Terraria folder, overwriting files when prompted.

tModLoader is a handy app for both modders and players. It simplifies the process of creating a Terraria mod and allows players to play with multiple mods without compatibility issues. However, some modding features may not be available yet, and the interface could use some polishing.

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